Wednesday 23 June 2010


As it was Father's Day in the States last weekend, Judi chose 'Father' for our photo theme.  We don't celebrate Father's Day until September here in Australia but that's okay because I love my Dad and he's special to me all year round anyways.  We popped over to visit Mum and Dad on Monday and I snapped a few pics of Dad while I was there.

Here he sits in his workspace

What is Dad making?

Flies for fly-fishing

My Dad has been interested in fly-fishing for over fifteen years now.  Unfortunately for Dad, we don't live in a state that is suitable for fly-fishing and, while Dad used to travel down to New South Wales to fly-fish, he doesn't feel  comfortable travelling long distances on his own any more. So instead, he continues to enjoy all the other aspects of the sport such as reading books and watching DVDs on the topic plus, making flies of all different types and sizes.......and he's pretty darned good at it too.

Dad's fly-fishing supplies are well stocked and he even owns more scissors that I do.
I wonder why he needs so many?

Here is part of Dad's workspace/fishing room

A closer view

Dad is thrilled that he is going to be a Great-Grandfather for a second time in December when Michelle's baby is due.

I am so proud of my Dad and it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy to know that he and Mum have always been there for me and my kids.



On another topic, yesterday I experienced my first ever vertigo attack and,  as my luck goes, it was a severe one.  As soon as I got out of bed in the morning, I was immediately hit with the strongest feeling that the room was spinning  back and forth which had me feeling extremely disorientated....this was accompanied by an overwhelming sensation of nausea which soon led to vomiting......not pretty! :( It was a horrible experience that I wouldn't like to go through again.  The disorientation hung around for most of the day and, this morning, I woke up with a migraine as fallout from yesterday's events.  I went to the doctor today and he gave me a script for Stemzine to help with future attacks....cross fingers, there won't be any. 

Anywhoo, I hope you are all having a great week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Your dad is adorable, God Bless him and keep him safe and healthy and the same goes for you mum and all of your family.

    Darling, I am so sorry to read about your vertigo and migraine attacks. My cousin suffers from vertigo, and I suffer from migraines so between the two of us I know how awful both pains are. I will pray for this to be your one and only attack. Take care of yourself darling.

    Love & Hugs

  2. That's so wonderful that your Dad has a creative outlet AND a workspace!.. I think I'm on studio overload after the seeing so many from the weekend.
    I've had these dizzy spells a couple of times-not as severe, but I'll be a little weird for the day--do you know what causes them?

  3. I recognized the metal contraption your dad uses right away. Leah bought one and uses it to help her make cat toys. She went to a free fly fishing lure class to see how they worked--hehe!

    Your dad is as organized as you are! I love his work space. He could always sell is lures on etsy! He gets so much joy from making them--you can see it on his face.

    What did the doctor say the vertigo attack was caused by? What tests did he run? That sounds awful!! Do people just get attacks of vertigo for no reason out of the blue? I am very concerned about you!! That doesn't sound good at all. If it happens again I think you should have it looked into further. Don't want anything happening to you, dear lady!! :):)

  4. yes, hopefully the vertigo was a one time event! horrible thing to deal with

    that is a great picture of the 3 of them :) and your dad is really talented at making those flies

  5. Nice post on your Dad!

    Hope the vertigo stays away!

  6. Oh dear! What a terrible experience you've had! Here's hoping it was a once in a lifetime ordeal for you, Serena!
    But I enjoyed your "father photos"! I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing them here, too.

  7. aww...first off let me just say that you daddy and his workspace are so cute! you can tell him I said that! heheee....

    and vertigo? yikes...that does not sound like fun...
    i have a friend that goes through's not easy...hope you're feeling better!!!

    how does one start getting that I wonder? doing too many ballerina twirls? lol, just kidding!

    really, i do hope you are back to yourself!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. Love the photo's of your dad, that is great that he has a hobby he loves! I do hope you are feeling better by the time you read this post.

  9. I do hope you are feeling better Serena. The story about your dad is wonderful. How great that he has his hobby and keeps busy. I think that is what keeps us going, the art of keeping busy. Thanks for sharing that Serena, you have a great family.

  10. Thanks, all.....your beautiful comments about my Dad made my day and I will be sure to pass them on to Dad. xo

    Thanks also for the well wishes re. the vertigo attack I had. I'm feeling much better today.

    Diane - vertigo is apparently an imbalance of sorts in the inner ear...they don't know what causes it but it is suggested it could be related to food allergies. In my case though, I hadn't eaten anything different than I would have normally. I think I got out of bed way too fast while I was still half asleep and I probably confused my brain. lol

    Rita - yes, I remember when Leah did the class for fly-fishing. As far as the vertigo - yes, people can have these attacks for no apparent reason or warning. It was very scary feeling so disorientated. I must admit I'm surprised the doctor didn't want to investigate further for an underlying cause as there are other conditions can cause vertigo. Ah well, hopefully it will be my last.

    Carmelina....nope, no ballerina twirls here. lol

  11. first just a brief note about the vertigo.... I had an episode not too long ago...and the young female doctor I saw prescribed something called SERC... a brand name for anti-vertigo drug...which did clear it up. Her theory was that sometimes a little bit of tissue or something becomes loose and ends up in the inner ear area... it usually resolves on its own eventually... but, the drug seems to help in cases where it is the problem...if it is not that... then I guess it is something else...but, the SERC ruled out it being anything and it fixed the problem. Hmmm that seems a bit convuluted..but, perhaps you get the drift....

    awww... I wish your Dad lived somewhere that he could fly fish.... they catch Brown Trout in our local river not far from here. We keep saying we should take up fly is so relaxing and such fun. When we were little brother took a class at a local boy's club...and learned to tie flies. He is very good at it...still does them. He is an avid outdoorsman... a mountain man really... hunts, fishes, gardens and bakes... all on his own out there .... he has won lots of fishing derbies over the years .... just seems to know where to find them and how to catch them....

  12. If he's like many others, your Dad probably put off a lot of things he would have liked to do through the years for the sake of the family.

    Men work out problems mentally while engaging their hands physically. It helps bring our minds and emotions back into balance and harmony with our circumstances and relationships ("lokahi" in Hawaiian).

  13. Your father is very gifted at making Fly's, not everyone can make these so well. I used to collect flys years ago when my parents used to own a Bait and Tackle store, my uncle used to make them as well but then he discovered open-daimond wrappiing on fishing poles and that ended his fly fishing making which also ended my collection too.

    Sorry to hear you had a terrible attack, hope this medicince will help you out a lot and you get to feeling much better soon.

  14. What a nice tribute to your Dad. My Dad was always busy with his hobbies too. Love all of his scissors and tools.He probably needs them like you need all of your paint brushes.

  15. Wow - he's really good! (And those of us who collect scissors do so because they are there, LOL.) Great macro shots Serena.
    The vertigo sounds extremely nasty. I hope it was a just a one time thing and goes away as suddenly as it came.

  16. Serena, hope you're okay. Please take care of yourself my friend.

  17. Vee, Mum gets vertigo too so I'm also wondering if it can be hereditary. Mum uses SERC but it only treats the symptoms. Fly tying is quite an art, isn't it? Dad has heaps that he has made and some are quite colourful and fancy.

    Mike...not really. Dad followed a few different interests when we were growing up and he would often drag us kids along too. lol

    Rosy - how interesting that you used to collect flies. I'm amazed at the varieties Dad has.

    Gemma - I think you may be right about the scissors. lol

    Thanks, Judi ~ :)

    Thanks, Maria ~ :)

  18. Hi Serena,
    How sweet is your DAD. That's wonderful he is sooo passionate about his hobby!
    They look like a very happy couple.

    Sorry to hear about your Vertigo.
    Looks like everyone else has given their advice and opinion which is great to read.
    Happy creating,

  19. Your dad is very neat, Serena! His work place looks so organized. Wow.

    I'm sorry to hear about your vertigo attack. How are you doing these days? Hope all is well.