Thursday, 2 October 2008

covering and decorating journals

it's been a fairly busy week with aaron on school holidays. keeping a nine year old from getting bored for two weeks hasn't been easy but, as he likes craft, we decided to tackle ro's tutorial on covering and embellishing a notebook or journal, including a matching bookmark. what fun we had too. if you want to try this for yourself, ro has been very generous in providing a link to the tutorial in the side column of her blog so go check it out. thanks, ro!

i gifted this gold tassel one to my mum

this blue one is for little, old me

and this is the aqua one that aaron did
(with a little help from me)

click on images to enlarge


  1. Those journal covers are gorgeous! My favorite is the first one- love that fabric and the colors you used. You are such a talented young lady!

  2. These make for fantastic gifts they are gorgeous. Lovely to see the talent runs in the family

  3. They're TERRIFIC Serena! I can feel some 'journaling' coming on . . . I've missed creating my journal pages & covers, perhaps next week when Nick goes back to Uni, I'll have his room back as my sewing room :-D

    Tell Aaron he did a super job!!

  4. They all look so nice :D I really like the pattern on the second one.

  5. Thanks, miss 376, I'm going to make more as I think they would make nice gifts too. :)

    Thanks, Maria....I'm the same. I haven't done any art journaling for some time now. I need to get back to a routine, I think. :)

    Thank you, Bodi ~ :)

    Thanks, Jennifer ~ :)

  6. Oh My!! These are so nice! Aaron did a great job, too--obviously talent does run in the family. :) Were the original journals lined for writing or sketchbooks? They really turned out well and I love that you made the matching bookmarks. What a fun day! :)

  7. Hi Serena... beautiful project.. lovely combination of colors and textures.

    I have a few books that could use new covers... Don't know when I'll get to it though.
    ....great that your son took part... bet he had fun...

  8. Thanks, Rita...the journals are spiral bound with lined paper for writing or pencil good for paint/watercolours. :)

    Thank you, Sandy ~ :)

    Thanks, Gwen. I really liked how they turned out...I was tempted to trim back the 'hairy' spines but I loved the feel of them too much and Aaron wouldn't have a bar of it. lol :)

  9. Wow, you guys did a fabulous job! Such elaborate decorations, those are some fancy journals. The matching bookmarks look very official. It is instantly obvious to which notebook they belong to.

    Aaron, once again, you did an excellent job. Your journal looks so cheery and pretty. The froufrou on the notebook’s spine is simply divine and fun :) So, are you enjoying your school off so far?

  10. I really love the one Aaron did! I love dots!!! And aqua colors. Yours are very beautiful too Serena! Neat project. I will check out Ro's site!

  11. Oh I love these. You are so creative and do such wonderful work. I love the first one as it reminds me of a Victorian era.


  12. Wow, these are gorgeous. I'm going to have to try some of these techniques!

  13. They are beautiful, specially liked Aaron's!

  14. All three are so beautiful Serena!

    God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life!!!

  15. Serena these are wonderfully amazing!

    How synchronistic- this morning I was listening to the lastest podcast from Creative Mom ( and it was all about how she was decorating her writing journal by doing watercolor washes on all the pages and what a difference it made.


  16. Brilliant job on these journals.
    My fav is the first one for your Mom, fantastic gift my dear...


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