Friday 31 October 2008

happy halloween, my pretties!!!

while australia doesn't normally celebrate halloween, i've noticed over the past eight years or so, that it has gradually become more popular, particularly among the children. of course, what child wouldn't like halloween with all those lollies/treats to munch on?! i'll bet dentists love halloween too.

i did a quick sketch to mark the day -

and, as i've enjoyed how sandy digitally alters some of her art work, i thought i'd try it with this sketch. this was done using the 'enamel' effect tool and i quite like how it looks.

click on images to enlarge

the reference for my sketch was an oil burner which was a christmas gift my mum gave me many years ago.

mum also bought one for my sister, saying that when she saw the witch oil burner in the shop, she was instantly reminded of my sister and me, so had to buy one for each of us. not quite sure why a witch would have brought images of my sister and me to her mind but okay....i think. my sister and i still laugh about it to this day and, in case you're wondering, we are very close to our mum so it's not an animosity thing. lol

actually, it may have been related to a story i once told my sister's kids when they were little. one day, my young niece was playing around with my outdoor broom and, as i was worried she would trip over it, i told her to place it against the wall as i would need it for my travels that night. of course, all the kids were then mesmerised with hearing how i was a witch (not really..hehehe) and how i would trip around on my broomstick each night. they were so excited and begged me to stop by their house that night so i promised that i would......well, when night-time actually came, they were all terrified at the thought of me in witch's garb tapping at their bedroom windows so we had to quickly put that story to bed. lol

and here are the treats for tonight waiting to be bundled up into little parcels for the 'trick or treaters'.


  1. Happy Halloween to you Serena...this is a darling sketch! :) Love the manipulation and the story to go along with ittoo. Its a BOO-tiful post! :)

  2. Happy Halloween Serena. I loved your story! Very amusing LOL! I like the sketch too! Looks good altered as well. Have fun with the kids trick or treating. We don't get any doing that up our way.

  3. Happy Halloween!

    What a great story. That's what Aunties are for :)

    Enjoy this treat-filled day!


  4. Happy Halloween :D great story about the broom :)

  5. Such a cute drawing and you did great on the manipulation. I've done a few with the enamel thing...
    cool!! And the story you told was so cute...

    tomorrow's the big day, ...a month of creativity...!

  6. Cute story!!! and a spooky Halloween to you, Miss Witch-e-poo!!!

  7. What a great Halloween sketch, Serena! I really like the enameled affect! Your candies are way different from what we have here!!! LOL. We had M&M's (plain and peanut), and mini Snickers! Not too many trick or treaters though! I don't know WHAT we will do with all this left over candy????????? Yeah...gimme some NOW!!!

  8. Really cool story and nothing wrong with being a nice witch:):)
    Nice sketch and neat how you changed it, love the burner...

  9. Serena, I think you and your mom have such a wonderful relationship. Whatever clichés about mothers/daughters conflict certainly do not exist in your family. I cannot stop laughing after reading the part that the witch oil burner made your mom thought of you and your sister. That’s so funny :D

  10. You don't even officially celebrate Halloween in Australia and you had more kids than I did in Fargo, ND--hehe! Cute oil burner and broom stories!! It is a precious thing to get along so well with your mother and sister--and the rest of the family. :) Loved your painting and the enameling (no clue how people do those manipulations). Looks like you have an exciting month ahead of you. :)