Thursday 9 October 2008

book review - taking flight

for over a year now, i have found myself being more and more drawn to the world of mixed media art. so i guess you could call it fate that, one day several months ago, i stumbled upon kelly rae robert's blog. i can't even remember how i found my way there but i'm so glad i did. not only is kelly a talented mixed media artist but her posts have also been a great inspiration to me.

i was thrilled when kelly talked of her new book and i purchased a copy the moment i found out it was available for preorder. i was one of the lucky ones (those who ordered directly from Kelly) to also receive a signed copy of 'Taking Flight' with a free print which i absolutely LOVE!

as for her book - AWESOME! 'taking flight' is not only beautifully written but is filled with lots of beautiful eye candy. in this book, kelly inspires us to face our fears and to reach into our hearts to discover and connect with our creative selves.

each chapter shares inspirational and encouraging words, ideas, techniques, and step by step projects which are presented in an easy to understand format. at the end of a chapter, kelly includes a section with prompts and blank lines for us to explore our own thoughts, all of which are designed to encourage the creative spark within to 'take flight'. another plus for me about kelly's book is her inclusion of many quotes. i've always loved quotes!

'taking flight' will definitely be a very helpful studio companion.

excerpt from the introduction -

"this book isn't just my story. it's my conversation with you as we travel together on this journey into our creative spirits. whether you're a beginner, an accomplished artist or crafter, or somewhere in between, i hope the pages of this book inspire you to see something within yourself that perhaps you didn't notice before - a treasure trove of inspiration found in the depths of your heart." - written by kelly rae roberts.

to buy your own copy of 'taking flight' - click here.


  1. I'm currently reading this book and I agree with you that it's awesome!!

  2. Oh!! I'm going to follow your link.. This looks great!

    I love love mixed media art, someday.... a long way into the future, I might try to do something like that.

  3. This sounds GREAT! I need something like this...will go check out the link! Thanks Serena!

  4. oooh Serena, I couldn't resist, I ordered one too! I can't wait to read it! You're right, her blog & work are awesome! Another 'creative' book to add to my collection :-D
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Looks like a great book, Serena! Now I can't wait to see some amazing mixed medium art you are sure to create with this book as inspitation.

  6. Hi, Serena. I like your comment at Desideratum, which brought me here. I hope you will visit my political blog - and also visit my fiber blog (clock on my avatar) and do a search on animals and/or friendship - some posts I think you will like. I'll try to gather them up and e-mail the links to you! Love your blog! :-)

  7. Janet, glad to hear you are enjoying this book also. :)

    Sandy, I'm sure you would love this book. :)

    Maria, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do. :)

    You're welcome, Julie ~ :)

    Linda, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the techniques. :)

    Hi Morna, thanks for popping on over. I had a quick look at your blogs and will definitely be back in the next couple of days for a more in-depth read so you can expect a comment, or more, from me. :)

  8. Mixed media is so nice, glad you're finding your way to it and the book cover is soooo yummy. Also your own decorated journals below are beautiful!

  9. Looks like a charming, Serena. I bookmarked it. Can hardly see what you will be inspired to do!! :):)

  10. Well you already started on your mixed media with the journals. Anything you do will turn out fab since your a great artist. You'll have to start ordering Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, I loooooove mine.

  11. thanks serena.. sounds like a great jumping off point!!

    i love to hear what creative people like yourself find interesting and inspirational..

  12. I've seen this book recommended around the internet so with your recommendation, I think I'm just going to have to get's so good to be inspired by wonderfully creative people!