Sunday 26 October 2008

live your dream - final

it's all finished apart from painting the edges and varnishing.

i painted this for my daughter, michelle, who has recently had to resign from her job due to bully tactics from the 'back to work' recover agency who pushed her beyond her capabilities and now michelle is basically back to square one with her injury. none of these people had medical training but they seemed to deem michelle fit enough to work longer hours and she wasn't, simple as that. they only saw michelle for all of an hour, 4 months ago, when she was able to start back at work on limited hours and, from there, all communication was by phone. michelle told them she was too sore to work longer hours, according to their most recent work plan, but they ignored her. now, thanks to them, she has been set back to basically how her injury was in the beginning....can ya tell i'm an irate mum at this point? for those who dont know, michelle was passenger in a car accident two days before new year and she sustained severe whiplash injury resulting in a lot of soft tissue damage. she is a little worried at what lies ahead and, for some time, has had a dream to create a home-based craft business which i think is a great idea because she can work at her own pace and rest when she needs to. i'm hoping this painting will act as a reminder for her to 'live her dream'.

recently, i read in 'the new earth' by eckhart tolle that we need to embrace our fears for, 'when we become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open in your life, as fear no longer inhibits growth'. i like the sound of that.
live your dream - © serena lewis
acrylics on 12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas
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  1. Serena,
    I'm so sorry to hear that Michelle's injury hasn't improved & in fact been aggravated by these 'ignorant' individuals. I really hope that this will be like a stepping stone into her new life & new career. I hope that she will stay positive and think along the lines that this could open up a whole new & exciting era in her life. My very best wishes to her for her improving health and for her new venture!

    Serena, I know what you must be feeling, very angry at these people. I'm a very protective mum too. Your positive and loving influence will see your daughter through.

    What a beautiful and inspirational gift you are giving her! And you were right to paint the hibiscus in . . . absolutely sets it off beautifully! LOVE IT!


  2. Serena, someone told me moms are only as happy as their most unhappy child. We certainly feel their pain, and especially when they haven't been treated fairly. I hope Michelle finds something to do that turns out to be better than she can imagine.
    I love that flower, it's just perfect. And you were so right about the red.

  3. Thanks, Maria. My grandmother used to always say when one door closes, another one opens, which I hope will be the case for Shell. Thanks for your comment on the painting too ~ :)

    Deborah, that sure makes a lot of sense to me as I hate to see my kids sad or in pain. Thanks for your kind words and, re. painting, I agree that the red set it off nicely. :)

  4. What a beautiful gift for your daughter and what a beautiful daughter!

    I'm so sorry that she's still suffering from her accident and that it resulted in losing her job. But how happy for her that her mom is so supportive and encourages her live her dreams. WAY TO GO MOM!

    BTW...I love the adition of the hibiscus!

  5. Thanks, Kate....I think she's beautiful too. :) She gets to see the portrait up close and personal today so I hope she approves with the end result.

  6. Oh Serena- Michelle looks so much like you! Beautiful. The red hibiscus was the perfect addition! Best wishes to her...and I always say, when God shuts and door, he opens a window. It is true. Sometimes one thing can lead to a new, more wonderful thing!

  7. Thanks, Julie. I will pass on your well wishes to Michelle ~ :)

  8. Hope everything works out for your daughter. This is a beautiful gift ffor her and I am sure your love and support will be an inspiring influence for her

  9. Dear Serena
    I too am sorry to hear about your daughter and her injures and work.
    This seems to be a common thing these days, I have 2 friends and 1 sister in the same situation. Employers don't care about their workers any more. Now I'm ecxited you read A new earth, fantastic book I did the work shop on line with Eckhart and Ophera, it is a life changing book. Life knows what we need so this is a great pertunity for your daughter to live her life with her passion..
    Of course the painting is perfect...
    Wishing your daughter all the best life can give her. We just have to belive we can create our reality...

  10. I didn't think this painting could get any better but you did it! That flower is gorgeous and I love the saying. The highlights in her hair, so nice.

    I sure hope she can open up to a new path filled with adventure and success. Tolle is a great source of inspiration and with you as her mom, she will bloom like that flower.

    I'm in love with this painting.

  11. the flower looks lovely :D Such a nice gift.

    That is horrible about her former employers. Employers just treat most of their employees like sheep. Disposable because another will come along :/

    A home based craft business is a great idea! I wish her luck if she decides to start :)

  12. I love your painting of Michelle- beautiful picture and beautiful girl!

    What a damn shame she was pushed to over work and aggreviate her injuries. I hope she recovers quickly and is given the time to heal properly.

  13. Serena you are just amazing. How lucky Michelle is to have you as her Mom.

    I'm veery sorry to hear about her pain and the job...but perhaps this is the push she needs to live her dream and passion. i know she can turn the whole situation around to her benefit and happiness.

  14. Thanks, Miss 376 ~ :)

    Thanks, Dianne. I downloaded the Tolle and Oprah classes too and followed along as I read each chapter. It has certainly made a difference in my life. Thanks for your kind words ~ :)

    Awwww, thanks, Sandy. I'm sure Michelle will feel very encouraged by all the wonderful comments here too. :)

    Thanks, Jennifer. Your kindness is appreciated ~ :)

    Thanks, Linda - I hope so too. :)

    Thanks, Jessica. I was thinking along those lines too. If the dream is strong, things will happen on your path to direct you towards them. This terrible situation could, in fact, turn out to be a blessing. :)

  15. Oh my goodness, this is stunningly beautiful!! I am so sorry for what your daughter is going through. She's very blessed to have a mom like you to back her up, lift her up, and inspire her. I'm sure you're blessed as a mom in having her as a daughter, too.

    I found your blog in a winding way (through a comment to a post on "Creative Every Day" by Stapeliad, who mentioned finding CED through your blog). The name SERENA caught my eye, as it's also my name, and here I am.

    My best wishes to you and your beautiful daughter!

  16. Oh, Serena, I am so very sorry to hear about Michelle's condition. I can empathize with her worry and fear. And, I certainly can understand your upset feeling. This situation is enough to raise any mother hen's feathers! The painting is absolutely fabulous. I love the hibiscus(?) on her hair. Very stunning. And your message to Michelle, "live your dream", is very inspiring. What a great, loving, and supportive mom you are! :)

  17. Hi Serena....I'm stoked that you popped over to visit my blog! Thank you for your kind comment. I plan to visit your blog the moment I have posted this comment.

    Thanks, Luci. Yes, it is a hibiscus. Hopefully, the Recovery people will get the message to back off and allow Michelle to recover at her own pace as they will now see that all their pressuring only made her condition worse.

  18. This is truly lovely. Strangely enough I have just discoverd Eckhard Tolle and am currently reading "The Power of Now" and find it exceedingly thought provoking.
    Love the title of your painting. Really fits the image. I hope your daughter recovers and maybe this time may be the incentive she needs to "live her dream"...something we all need to do.

  19. Thanks, MD. :) The concepts in Eckhart's books are very thought-provoking. I found The New Earth an easier read as I followed along with the Oprah and Eckhart classes.

  20. Your poor daughter! Your work for her is beautiful!