Thursday 16 October 2008

what colour do YOU need in your life?

purple is one of my favourite colours so i'm more than happy to comply.....can never have too much purple, i say.

You Need Some Purple in Your Life

Purple will make you feel ambitious, independent, and creative.
And with a little purple, you will project an aura of individuality.
If you want more extravagance, you've got to get a little purple in your life!

For extra punch: Combine purple with green or orange

The downside of purple: It can evoke sad feelings

The consequences of more purple in your life:

You will feel an increase in your artistic abilities
You will find balance in the most chaotic parts of your life
You will feel calm and will be hard to disturb


  1. says I need yellow! I am surrounded by quite a bit of yellow...but maybe not as much as I think...mostly it is outside on the house!

  2. I need purple, and I always have. I even had the floor of my studio painted purple.

  3. Hi Serena, first off, thank you for your wonderful comments.

    And purple is my favorite color; it always has been. I absolutely believe what you posted about purple, because I feel it.

    Strangely, I love the combination of purple and orange together. Must be something on the color wheel which I know nothing about, ha!

    I envy you right now, being in Australia.

    I think our country is facing some huge challenges. I remember back in the 60's or early 70's, I think when Australia offered to help families financially relocate to Australia. My dad was biting at the bit to uproot us and move from California. Sometimes I really wish he had!

    Have a great week. You mentioned you haven't been painting lately. I'm wondering if its' because you are a REAL artist,...compared to a scribbler so when you devote time to your art, you really devote time.

    Hope you can find time just to do some sketches at least. Would love to see them.


  4. Hi Serena...It says that I need red and interestingly, I've been drawn to wear red recently...haven't done that in years!

  5. It says I need 'orange' . . . but I love purple too! I love both together :-D

  6. Wel, we must be birds of a feather. It said I need purple, too. The only thing purple I have is a little beach cover-up dress. So I guess that means I need to spend the day at the beach? I wish! But alas, I must spend another day putting color washes on my kitchen cabinet doors- ugh!

  7. Hey Serena I need some orange now if I can jus get it on my blog everything will be aright..
    I too love purple especially with green..

  8. Amazing....I got the very same result! But then I'm a purple gal anyway. I took the quiz, answered truthfully and still got purple. I guess it really is my color.

  9. Julie, maybe you need to bring more yellow inside of the house or possibly wear it? ;)

    Deborah, purple is definitely an awesome colour. I plan to bring more of it into my life. I used to have my bedroom in purple themes until I decided to try other schemes. :)

    Sandy...whoo hoo...another purple fan! A lot of people love purple with orange....I do too....yet oddly enough, on the colour wheel, it shows yellow as being the complimentary colour to purple. That's actually how we ended up in parents immigrated here in 1963 when I was only 4 years old. I think my problem is that I'm just too fussy and have a lot of distractions. I'm trying to get better at managing time for my art.

    Kate, the test confirms what you've been feeling towards red neat is that! :)

    Maria, another purple and orange lover! :)

    Linda, I hope things are going well with those cabinet doors ~ :)

    Dianne, I love the purple/green combo too ~ :)

    Janet, why did your result not surprise me? hehehe :)

  10. Oh..just thought to check back on my comment about that is how you ended up there, how interesting. I would love to hear more about that some day.