Wednesday 29 October 2008


you've heard of back-up plans, right? well, this is kinda like a back-up motivator.
on top of the 'art every day month' challenge, i've signed up to 'nablopomo' for the month of november. click picture above to find out more. it's basically where you commit to post daily to your blog for the elected covers a broader scale than 'something creative daily' but, again, i hope it serves as an encouragement for me to get in the daily habit of creativity.


  1. I'll be cheering you on Serena...and giving myself a kick in the rear while I'm at it!

  2. (laughing softly) Serena!!! You are going to be one very busy woman in the month of November! Do I even dare to write you an e-mail and interrupt all your artistic flow? Should I ask you to join me to attempt write a novel in one month ... yep, in the month of November? I know for sure, I will be cheering you on and visit your blog daily!


  3. I'll be following along! I would join in, but I pretty much do that with all my blogs now.. write every day, unless I'm being cranky..

  4. Good for you! You are going to have a very interesting and productive Novemeber. And I look forward to seeing posts from you every day and as glimpse on what you are working on. You can do it!

  5. Thanks, Jessica....maybe we help each other stay on track. :)

    Thanks, means a lot that you will be following along. :)

    Thanks, Sandy....I'm inspired by the activity on your blog. :)

    Thanks, Linda....I really needed to hear that ~ :)