Thursday, 22 January 2009

12 secrets & photo-a-day

today, i did some rearranging in the studio and i feel wonderful! firstly, i replaced the old section of carpet that was stained and worn. the new section of carpet looks lovely and dresses the place up a bit.

before, the second desk was positioned to form a U-shape but it made my painting area feel quite cramped so, today, i moved the second desk further across and it made a huge difference in opening up my painting area. the following pics are of two different angles of the new arrangement. i'm rapt!!!


this week, we discuss how we honour our inspirations.

first and foremost, we need to listen and recognise them as inspirations. then we can open ourselves to the possibility of exploring them further in whatever creative play we are drawn to. it's a great idea to create a personal space to do this, big or small. years ago, i had a studio in the garage of our house but later, we moved to a house that didn't allow me to have that personal space anymore. i found it very difficult to drag out all my art supplies each time i wanted to paint, only to have to put them away again before dinner....i managed it for four long years. i was overjoyed when we moved again and i was able to organise a small studio space to create in. four years later we moved again and, this time, i made a point of creating an even bigger studio area in our double garage. i love knowing that when the painting urge hits me, i can just go paint. creative rituals are another great way to honour your inspirations.

when did my creative awakening occur? i firmly believe that we are all creative though, sometimes due to our life experiences, many of us are disconnected from it. i guess i've shown creative ability throughout my whole life but never realised it until recent years. i remember drawing regularly as a child. i did a lot of sewing in my teen and child-bearing years. then, by sheer accident in my mid-thirties, i discovered a passion for art in my life.

what talents do i have, naturally? i'm not really sure i understand the question correctly but i think i am patient when it comes to my art. i'm also good at paying attention to finer details which i think helps a lot in my realistic paintings. other talents.....i don't think i do too bad in the kitchen as the kids prefer my home-cooked meals to takeaway food any day. i've been told that i make a good hostess and people seem to feel happy and welcome in my home. i do like to fuss over visitors.

which elements draw me toward them? i feel very strongly drawn to water. i have always dreamed of living in a house near the sea and i adore blue/green colour combinations which i also relate to water.

where and when do i create? i mostly create in my home studio when i'm painting but, when i'm working with graphite or coloured pencils, it's usually in my dining room or, at the computer desk, if i'm using a reference image file. i try to create during the daytime as i prefer working in natural lighting, but over the past few months, i have found i am creating a lot more at night too.

where and when would i like to create? as per the previous answer, however, i have been making changes in my studio because i've been yearning for months now to make my studio a more homely and welcoming place to create. a place that reflects facets of who i am. a place where i can kick back and just relax if i want to.

what activates my creative energy? hmmmmmm, i'm not really sure, to be honest. i think anything has the potential to activate my creative energy. i am very inspired by some of the amazing artists i have met online. i am inspired by nature. i am inspired through meditation. i also find that, by just sitting at my studio table, i will feel the urge to create.

what drains it? busy schedules, or distractions, that don't allow me creative time in my studio. my studio takes up half the space in a double garage while the other half is used for storage and a workout space for my son. the storage space seems to attract items which are no longer wanted in the house and, sometimes, it starts to exceed it's boundaries. when this clutter builds up, i can feel stifled and blocked creatively. thankfully, through the 'soul coaching' program which involved a lot of clutter clearing, i made huge headway in that area and now, i seem to act sooner on clearing away the excess.

do i use creative rituals? i do like the rest of the house to be in reasonable order before i can create more freely in the studio. i also like to tidy up the immediate area of my workspace. fresh water in the brush-rinse jars, cotton buds, blending fabric, paper towels neatly folded for brush blotting, everything i need in its place and at the ready. i ALWAYS have music playing in the background...alanis morrisette - 'the collection' is one of my favourites. any cd of enigma, relaxation music, celtic and many more, however, i must admit that i'm not a huge fan of classical music, jazz or blues. i do like the idea of burning incense or lighting a candle to acknowledge my creative time.

does nature influence my creativity? i find that a walk in nature or a trip to the beach gets my creative juices flowing, however, i need to get more in the habit of noting down the ideas that come to me as i all too easily forget them. i do have an ideas journal for this reason but, sometimes, i'm lazy and don't bother writing stuff down. i need to rectify that.

what has been my greatest creative hurdle so far? i think the fact that it took me a long time to feel comfortable actually calling myself an artist and plus, getting past the fear of not being capable.

what time of day are you most receptive to inspiration? i feel that i can be open to inspiration at any time of the day depending on my mood.
what would you answer to these questions?


  1. Very organize studio, very nice!
    Love to read your post, thank you for sharing!

  2. I like the new placement of your space and the new carpet. It's amazing how minor changes make a huge difference. :)

    Overcoming our own insecurities and misconceptions is indeed the greatest and only hurdle, I believe. :)

  3. It's wonderful that you chose to answer these questions - I admire you as an artist and as someone who actually is very productive, and I learned so much here today.

    I like what you say about sitting at your workspace being inspirational - I have had that intuition but not had the discipline to test it ;) Also I get discouraged by having to drag everything out of a trunk and then put it all away, and so it's comforting to see that it was a pain in the neck for someone else, that it's a real stumbling block to not have your own space in some way or other.

    Thanks for this glimpse into how you get your creative groove on.

  4. Way to go working on your creative space and getting it closer to the way you want it! Homey and welcoming. Beautiful! I love seeing your creative space in particular. I think natural light is best too.

  5. Your studio looks great Serena. I bet you're feeling great in it too.

  6. Your studio looks so inviting! I'm anxious to the see the canvas you are working on when it is completed.
    I enjoyed reading your answers, and getting a glimpse of your creative process.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this and so much of what you mentioned is how I feel, especially, I need the house to be somewhat organized. I have an office in my office where I use to do my medical transcription (which I did for way too long, thirty plus years) and now I find it hard to want to sit in there and draw. I do all my drawing sitting on my bed or out on my deck.

    Loved seeing photos of your studio... very nice and it looks so organized and open. I too like to burn incense.

  8. Very thoughtful post. All your answers were well thought out and interesting. I enjoyed seeing the way you've rearranged your studio. It looks very bright and airy.

  9. Great photos Serena :) as usual :)really enjoyed this post tho thanks :)

  10. Funny--I am in the process of reorganization and when things are all chaotic I can't concentrate. I just tried to tidy up the chaos yesterday so that I could accomplish something--hehe! I like things clean and in their place, too. Well, this cleansing project sure fits in with the Soul Coaching, tho--hehe! Loved the pictures! You have such an inviting spot to be creative. :)

  11. An organized workplace that still invites you to come inside & create. How wonderful!

  12. Your studio ROCKS!!!
    What an inspiring place to create!

  13. Lovely studio and enjoyed reading your post.

  14. Such a spacious studio! I just moved mine from an upstairs bedroom to downstairs with the rest of the family - I was feeling lonely up there! :)

    I'm an Aussie too - I'm on the Central Coast of NSW (between Sydney & Newcastle) doing 12 secrets also. Lovely to have found you here!

  15. Your studio is beautiful. It really does make all the difference in the world having an area of your home devoted to creative space.


  16. I stopped by your page while blog crusin' the 2 nd chapter posts. I enjoyed reading your thoughts...Thanks!

    This was a meaningful chapter for me and it sounds like it was for you as well!

    Have a great hair day! Becci


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