Wednesday, 3 June 2009

aching back, knitting and self portrait

i'm such a glutton for punishment. i decided to give the house a thorough winter-clean today so....i cleaned all the windows, vacuumed and washed the floors, washed down the pergola roof, swept the patio, and dusted and cleaned different areas throughout the house. now my poor back is paying for it but i'm so glad it's done. i mowed the lawn earlier this week but i had to leave half of the backyard alone because it is still so waterlogged from all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago.....i was literally sinking in water up to my ankles. we had some rain today and more is expected tomorrow.....a backyard swimming pool in winter is something i don't need.

i've been managing to do a bit of knitting each day and, when aaron saw me with the sticks, he begged me to knit lachie a jumper because, after all, it is winter. lachie is the first boy doll that michelle made and gifted to aaron. i made the jumper without a pattern and i think it turned out quite well considering i haven't knitted for ten years

here is a pic of lachie in his newly knitted jumperclick on any image to enlarge

and here is a pic of cody, aaron and lachie fast asleep on the couch


i've been very lax at doing my weekly self portrait photo so thought i'd throw this one in for today which i took a couple of weeks ago. i thought the reflection would be an interesting take.

i might kick back and rest up tomorrow because i don't think my back will have it any other way.

love, light and peace


  1. hope your back feels better soon. :)

  2. After all that cleaning you deserve a day off to just rest and relax! I hope your back is feeling better.

    I like the reflection self-portrait.

  3. How cold does it get there in the winter? Here--yup--you'd have an ice skating rink!

    That jumper (sweater?) is perfect! I can't knit to size--doll or human or dog--hehe! I'd have to knit the doll a blanket--ROFL!

    That picture is absolutely priceless!! Priceless!! Priceless!! :):):)

    Yes--the reflection photo is interesting--quite an artistic touch. :):)

  4. I always feel so so good after cleaning out my house. I swear by it! Good energy always abounds! Hope the back feels took me almost week to feel normal after a big painting project!

  5. Aw.. that picture of the couch nappers is adorable.

    And you knit, too? Is there anything you don't do well?

    I can relate to that over doing it. But when I get a burst of energy, I can't control myself or slow down. Luckily those bursts of energy don't happen often-LOL

    Love your self portrait. How about a photo of your shadow?

  6. For not knitting in ten years you sure did a fantastic job!

    I can't imagine mowing the lawn in winter. Again, I'm envious even if it has been wet there. Not that it's winter mind you, but that you aren't burried in 10 feet of snow during your winters!

  7. you deserve a break after all that!
    that sweater looks really good on lachie :)
    I have the same question as Rita; How cold does it get in the winter?

  8. You should know better by now not to push it with your back. I am still saw from making Melissa's doll. Bring on the acupuncture!

    I love Lachie's jumper! So cute how Cody is sleeping on Aaron's bum.

    Very clever taking a photo of your reflection. I like it a lot.

    Luv Shell xx

  9. Hi Serena!!! You sure did get a spring cleaning fever, didn't you??? LOL! Sorry about your back taking the strain...seems it always happens! YIKES! Hope it is feeling better already!

    I love that you knitted a jumper for the doll. How awesome is that? You are so darn talented!!!

    Cute pic of Cody, dog and doll!!!

    It is so nice to be visiting blogs again and seeing what all you've been up to!

    Take care---xoxo...Julie

  10. You sure did more then me today.
    I can see why your back is hurting.
    Rest does back wonders.

    Coffee is on.

  11. Hi Serena,

    Thank you so much for popping over from Caroline's blog to The Jason Show. I appreciate your kind words about my post about my mother's means a lot to me that you would read it and comment.

    I will see you around...yay! Another Aussie friend.

  12. Hugs! Hope you feel better hon! :)

    Lachie's jumper is fab, and I love the pic of the adorable trio :)

    The pic of your refection put me in a reverie! Your home is so filled with LIGHT! :)

  13. Both Lache and Cody are so sweet!

    Btw: Tag, you are it. *grin*

  14. Serena,

    Hope your back is better today. You did too much work in one day. I did that too a couple of weeks back. I organized my sewing area, cleaned out 2 closets, the kitchen pantry, raked leaves and cleaned the floors plus did the wash. :(
    After all that I was tired. So I watched a movie and relaxed. :)
    Love the photo of Cody, Aaron and the doll. The jumper for the doll turned out really nice.
    Nice shot of your reflection. :)

  15. oooooooh... bizeeee ... wow.. you're human dynamo woman! Slow down, you make me feel like a sloth...

    what a lovely little jumper.... who'd ever know you hadn't been knitting for ever...

    I haven't a clue how to knit.. but, I love looking at knitted things....

  16. ahhh you and me both. I've been doing deep cleaning and yard work and my back is feeling it lately. What a great job you did on the jumper great idea for the self portrait too. I wondered if you were still going to continue on with that.

    hope you feel more limber later. We still feel like its' winter here, blowing winds, moisture, cloudy foggy all day and chilly temps. We are just days away from summer...


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