Wednesday, 10 June 2009

i am content and at peace with choices i make

winter is definitely here. i know this because it's getting harder and harder to get reece and aaron out of bed in the mornings. lol

i can't believe how fast this past week has flown by. it seems like every day there has been something else to distract me from my art. not that i mind as a break can be good at times. i taught class yesterday morning and then, brad and i did some shopping in the afternoon. today, we went to see the movie, angels and demons...i finished reading the book just over a week ago and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite the script swaying from the book in areas.

after a busy week, i finally managed to photograph one of the mantra cards i finished

acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on any image to enlarge

sometimes, choices i make require stating my opinion, moving on, and letting it go. all are a necessary process for my wellbeing. this past week, i was faced with a situation where i did just that, hence the affirmation for this card. i can't control inconsideration or negativity from other people but i can control what i subject myself to. i don't see the point in holding onto something negative in my life, out of habit or duty, when that same situation has the potential to just keep repeating itself.
i am content and at peace with choices i make.
that said, i also accept that negative contrasts do have their place as they help us to be aware of the things we don't want which then give us the foundation to focus on the things that we do want.

stay tuned for another mantra card soon as i attempt to catch up.


have you all seen michelle's very first giveaway on her blog?! it's fantastic and i'm not just saying that because i'm her mum. :) click here for a chance to enter. michelle will draw four winners on june 30th.



another self portrait to my 'shadow' self ~ :)



  1. Serena- I went to your Etsy shop and found nothing for sale!!! :(

    I was wondering if you ever sell, or do prints of your Mantra Cards???

  2. Your mantra card tugs at my heart. I love the peace sign. I like your S.P today, very cool.

  3. Wise words SErena! Beautiful mantra card and I love your self portraits! Very cool!!

  4. Negative people have no place in my life either. I learned that a long time ago. I love your mantra card....and that statue is beautiful! Also like how you used the woven background.

    PS - I stopped by your daughter's blog and entered. She is just as beautiful as her mom....and talented too!

  5. I am all about contentment! This card is just beautiful and so very true! We have choices...make peace with the choices you make...don't like it? Change it! And contentment will follow...if you choose it :)

  6. "i am content and at peace with choices i make."

    Serena, I love this, because it's exactly how I feel.

    Blessings To You!

  7. Serena, opinions, yes, they are just that. We state them, throw them over our shoulder, let go and hope for the best.

    Funny you should mention this here today, I just had to giggle. I had such a moment like this myself only recently. YES, breathe and be happy with your decisions. Life would be boring otherwise eh?



  8. this week has indeed flown by. Not sure where the time went o.0

    "i don't see the point in holding onto something negative in my life"

    which is a great attitude to have. life is to short to hold onto negative stuff. Problems start when other people think that you should hold onto those negatives things because of duty, but I just ignore them :p easiest thing to do.

  9. Great mantra card! Love the colours and design. The msg is very ture, I should remember this one.

    You are coming up with some great ideas for your self portrait :)

    Thanks for noting my giveaway in your post. I am very excited about it!

    Luv Shell xx

  10. Julie - Thanks for checking out my ETSY store even though I've been so slack with it for a while now. The good news is that I'm hoping to get some motivational paintings done and listed in my ETSY store over the next couple of months. I haven't decided what I'm doing with my Mantra cards yet but a few readers have suggested getting them published as a deck of 52 so that may be a path I will consider when I've finished the last one. My motivational paintings will be based on a very similar line to my mantra cards so stay tuned ~ :)

  11. Thank you, Dawn. :) I am finding that my personal experiences during the week will often be the basis for the card's theme.

    Thanks, Darla ~ :)

    Thanks, Janet. I am finally making choices on what's right for me. I'm so proud of Michelle....good luck with the draw ~ :)

    Thanks, Caroline and I so agree with your comment ~ :)

    Thanks, Tabitha....I'm glad you like the affirmation ~ :)

    Thanks, Cher, and I agree. Life is too short to subject ourselves to negative situations, especially when we have the power to move on and not have to deal with them anymore. :)

    Thanks, Jennifer, and you hit the nail on the head as I was in situation where someone expected that I should have been okay with it. I moved on and I'm glad I did. :)

    Thanks, Shell. I'm excited for you re. your Giveaway. :)

  12. I am always guaranteed a breath of fresh air whenever I visit here...You never disappoint Serena...and it is evident that your daughter has inherited your gentle ways in her art! As a must be delighted! :)

  13. Thanks for your sweet words, Margaret. I am so tickled that Michelle has joined the blog world and is creating such beautiful artwork.....I'm a very proud Mum indeed ~ :)

  14. Your mantra cards always make me drool! :)

    Your shadow self is just as gorgeous as your light self ;)

    And you better believe I entered Michelle's giveaway! :) hehe

  15. Some people and/or situations are just plain toxic. One person can't change a relationship alone and sometimes it is just best to steer clear. Very wise! :)

    I really do hope you check into having your mantra cards published. I would definitely buy a set!

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Your daughter made some pretty magnets!!

    LOVED your "shadow self" photo--made me laugh! Don't you wish you could just take a snapshot and have your shadow self revealed. Then I'd know exactly what to work on--ROFL! Have you read Debbie Ford?

  16. Hi again Serena!
    I've got an award for you on my blog :) come and get it!!!♥♥♥

  17. The mantra card is lovely as always and I do like that self potrait in shadow.

  18. Love this shadow portrait, I try this with myself but I always look short and fat, I think I need the sun at a good angle.. ha ha! Love your mantra card as always!

  19. Love your shadow picture! I agree about choosing not to subject yourself to the negativity of others.


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