Sunday, 14 June 2009

sacred life sunday

today, i was so grateful to spend some quality time with my parents. it's been a few weeks since we've seen mum and dad though i have spoken with mum on the phone a few times over that period. we all enjoyed a lovely hot lunch of salmon loaf, garlic cream potatoes, sweet potato, carrots and brussels sprouts. YUM!

after lunch, we had a fun afternoon playing cards. it was so nice catching up with them.

aaron took this pic of mum and i together

here is a pic of brad with mum. don't you love the purple colour in her hair?! i love that mum isn't your typical 73 year old woman....with four piercings in each ear plus a nose piercing, mum is pretty much game for anything....though i have her beat on the tattoo....she has none

dad must have been hiding when these pics were taken

i am so grateful for my parents who have always been there for me. as they are aging, it makes me even more aware of just how precious these sacred moments with them are and i feel so blessed.

i love you, mum and dad xo


  1. Your Mum looks like such a fun lady :) Love the purple in her hair! Yes, I know exactly how you feel ... we need to cherish the precious moments we have with them:)

  2. I love your mom! she is so cute! "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" as they say. So glad you had a great time with them. Great adult child/parent relationships can be very special indeed.

  3. Your mother is beautiful Serena! She sounds like an awesome person, love the multiple piercings :)

    And...garlic cream potatoes! They sound good, how are they made?

    Have a great Sunday,

  4. OMG I want to be as cool a lady as your mom is when I'm older!!

  5. How wonderful! Purple hair, piercings, and 72!! My Mom wanted to get a tattoo on her 73rd bday, but she is on a blood thinner and the doc said "no way! Are you nuts!" LOL. So happy you enjoyed such a lovely day with them ;)

  6. So nice that you got to spend time with your folks and you enjoy their company! Your mom sounds like a character--hehe! What a nice day with family! :):)

  7. Hi Serena,
    Hey, How cool is your Mum!!
    I'm with you hoping I look that good at her age.
    Love reading your blog and seeing your latest art.

  8. What a beautiful picture of you and your mom...I can see where you got your dazzling smile! You're so lucky to have your mom and dad close by.

    I also love the picture of you that you're using on your sidebar...the way the light shines on your hair and the playful plaits/'s a stunning photo!

  9. love her purple hair :D you all look so happy in the photos :)

  10. OMG...your Mom looks like one of the coolest ladies EVER, Serena! You sure are blessed! BTW, you and Brad look just like her in so many ways!!!
    Have a happy upcoming week!

  11. That is a beautiful picture of you and your mum. Your mum must have been a beautiful woman when she was young and still that beauty shines through. No wonder she has a beautiful daughter like you.

  12. Awww! What a lovely time you had with your parents! It's great that you're cherishing this time with them :) Thanks for taking us out on your visit. :) You look fantastic in the photo btw! :)

  13. What a fun mom, love that purple hair.

  14. Ahhh seeing your mum makes me miss mine. I think had she lived longer than 59 years she would have been a great old lady to be around. Your mom is beautiful! And great picture of the two of you.

  15. thanks for your wonderful comments, everyone.

    darla, garlic-creamed potatoes are very easy to make. you may already make them but call them something else. first, peel and slice your potatoes scallop-style and parboil them in salted water. then strain and place them in a ceramic oven dish (I used a 12"x9" dish), sprinkle with garlic powder or crushed garlic, pour over 600ml unsweetened cream, then sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese over top. Bake in a moderate oven, til potatoes are soft and the top is a lovely golden brown. Enjoy ~ Most people don't parboil the potatoes and just cook covered for the first 30 minutes. I prefer parboiling them because you don't need to cover them and the creamy gravy soaks into them much better. YUM!

    Caroline, I got mixed up with Mum's age, she's actually 73 turning 74 in August. Mum probably wouldn't be allowed a tattoo either as she bruises badly from just a minor dog scratch. She does love my tattoo though.

    Kate, thanks for the lovely comment on my sidebar pic ~ :)

    Julie, growing up, I was always told I looked like my Mum and I can see the resemblance with Brad and her too. Beau and Reece definitely took more after their father's side for looks. Michelle is in-between. Still working Aaron

  16. Sandy, I'm sorry to read that your Mum passed away so young. If your Mum was anything like you, she would certainly have been a fun and lovely lady to be around.

  17. Ha! ha! that's Grandma :)

    Sounds like you had a great lunch. You had my fav gralic cream potatoes.

    Luv Shell xx

  18. This was so touching. I too feel that way about my Mum and Dad. Mine have both been ill so I know their days are numbered. Enjoy every moment.

    Your Mum is beautiful.


  19. I can't believe I'm so far behind on your blog! I love your mom's purple streak!! She sounds like a fun person.

  20. Great photo of you and mom. She looks so sweet!


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