Thursday, 18 June 2009

poncho and whipping it up

we went over to garden city today (a shopping complex in another suburb) to do some shopping....mostly browsing. we had hot chocolate with doughnuts at donut king...YUM!! i bought myself a pair of boots for winter and a hooded, fringed poncho. it's made out of blanket fabric and is so soft and warm.....i can hardly wait to wear it.

i used the poncho as the subject of my sketch today

micron pigma pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook
click on any image to enlarge

beau bought a stock whip last weekend, so we've been getting treated to many cracks of the whip. beau has mastered it quite well.....the 'cracking' sound can be very loud, to the point where i'm concerned the neighbours may start to complain. lol thankfully, beau does take the neighbours into consideration and chooses appropriate times of day to practise, plus he limits his time.



and for those of you who inquired about the tempeh, here is a pic of how it usually comes packaged

with us being out most of the day, i only managed to get the design area blocked in with gesso on the tray but, at least i did something in the studio so i'm happy about that.

i'm trying very hard to do something art-related each day. not always easy but so far, so good.

love, light and peace


  1. Well done Serena. I do agree it is never easy to come out art related each day, but I do believe you can.

    All the best to you always,

  2. Wow your sketch is definitely a work of art...great job. I'll be leaving town in the morning so (just got interrupted and sidetracked for an hour while writing this out)....anyway, hope to see lots of sketches when I get home in a week or so. Not sure if I'm taking my laptop with me.

  3. very nice sketch of the poncho, it has a really nice pattern to it :)

    I'd be more concerned about losing an eye with the whip then annoying the neighbours ;)

  4. Great sketch of the poncho. It looks nice and warm.

    I would also be scared of losing an eye with that wip. Reece looks so much like Greg in those pics with his head shaved. I forgot he cut it. Can't wait to see Beau in action with the whip :)

  5. At first I thought that was a photo of the poncho. You are definately amazing!

  6. What an amazing picture of the sure captured the texture of it!

    When I saw those photos of the whip all I could think of was that old song Whip it, Whip it good!!!

  7. Whip cracking: interesting past time. I can honestly say I have tried it and it is quite difficult to master.

  8. That sketch is amazing! I thought it was a photo!!! Nothing is better than a warm cozy poncho to snuggle up in...

  9. the poncho looks so warm and stylish too!! i'm enjoying your blog, especially your art!

  10. Gorgeous colors in your pnocho sketch... I am so enjoying these! :)

  11. Poncho--that proves it! Your winter is our sweater weather in the spring and fall--ROFL!! It looks beautiful, tho. :)

    The whip-cracking practice--now that really sounds soooo foreign and reminds me of Indiana Jones! Dangerous and takes practice--glad he is taking such consideration of the neighbors.

    The Tempeh looks similar to what I saw up here at the natural foods store. Now that I know you can just fry it up in strips and make a sandwich out of it, I will have to try some. Thanks, Serena!

    When it has been nicer out lately I haven't been getting as much done with the creative projects, either. :):)


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