Monday, 15 June 2009

mantra monday, photo-a-week & self portrait


acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
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i thought i'd use the mantra card this week to talk a little more on our emotional guidance system and how we can use it, at any given time, to indicate whether or not we are in alignment with our higher selves/spiritual source/the creator/god.

we all want to live a joyful, loving and peaceful life, right?

well, we can use our emotional guidance system to know if we are on track or not. it is important to understand that this is a mental process and not an action-based one.

e.g. - you've had a really bad day at work which has left you in the foulest of moods. you arrive home and your significant other greets you with a welcoming smile. now, you have the power to choose what the outcome of this scenario will be. their actions in that moment are not related to your feelings as they cannot know how you are feeling unless they are you. you can allow your foul mood to continue and ruin the evening OR you can reach for the better feeling thought, which in this case, would probably be appreciation and note what a difference it makes to how you feel. you begin to relax and go with the flow.

only we can know where we are on the emotional guidance scale because nobody else can 'feel' what we are feeling. what may feel good for one person may not necessarily feel good for another. if we're feeling depressed, we need to reach for a thought that will make us feel better....even if, for some, that may be anger because at least it will be an emotion we can relate to in that exact moment and anger is a better feeling emotion than depression. however, if we're angry about something and become depressed over it, that is a step backwards and you will only 'feel' worse therefore putting yourself further out of alignment. wherever you are at on the emotional guidance scale, just reach for a better feeling thought to improve your wellbeing and bring yourself into better alignment.

note that feeling/emotional thoughts are quite different to ego thoughts and this is where we can get confused. when we are in emotional alignment, things will flow to us easily and joyously and it will 'feel' right.....we will 'feel' good about it. When we are not in alignment, we will 'feel' on edge, even things aren't quite right. outcomes may be difficult, disappointing, and/or not be as we had hoped for.

practise knowing your feelings, use them as your guide, and you will soon recognise the difference between your ego mind, which is usually power-based, and your emotional guidance system.

(partial extract from ask and it is given by esther and jerry hicks)




this was the pretty sunrise reece and i were greeted with this morning. i love the colours!



i LOVE wearing long, flowing skirts, even in winter

which is probably just as well because since i went back to being pescetarian (vegetarian who eats seafood) in december, after being vegan for 11 months, i have gone up a whole dress size so my body isn't really liking my jeans right now anyways. i plan to rectify that.



  1. Serena, this was very insightful and inspiring. I wish more people will read this today. :)

    Love your skirt!

  2. sorry...had to skim the heavy and deep stuff....must stitch on some trim today...

    but, I can definitely appreciate the beautiful sunrise for our group.... it's lovely....

  3. great post Serena!
    Love your boho-hippie skirt! and of course the Buddha soothing and tranquil to look at.

  4. Pretty skirt! I haven't been in a dress or skirt in years, since 2005 when my one son got married. I wonder how it would feel to look like a girl again or even feel like one...

  5. gorgeous skirt :D

    very interesting post, thanks :)

  6. What a great way to start a day with such a lovely sunrise. I like flowy skirts too. Aside from being very feminine, I find them to be more comfortable than jeans.

  7. Thanks, Tabitha ~ :)

    Thanks, Vee....and, no worries, the mantra card info is there for anyone who may be interested. Have fun sewing on the trim. I'm hoping to have a productive day in the studio today.

    Thanks, Boho Mom. The skirt is one of my favourites ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy. :) In my 20's, i didn't even own a pair of jeans for a few years. While I don't mind jeans, I've always preferred the flowy, feminine style of skirts.

    Thanks, Jennifer ~ :)

    Thanks, Judi and I agree re. skirts being more comfortable than jeans....especially when the jeans i do own are all too tight and uncomfortable for me at this point in time. :(

  8. Oh I love this card! Our emotional guidance system! So important to understand that we have the ability to choose. Sometimes life around us gets a bit nutty...but we can choose to calm our breath and seek happiness. Thank you for this today!

  9. Beautiful shot of the sunrise. Like your skirt. I have not worn jeans for ages. Got bulges all in the wrong places lol!

  10. Beautiful sunrise photo! And I live that skirt. I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. I have several summer sun dresses I wear frequently.

  11. Love the mantra card! It is very soothing to look at. I think casue of the colours.

    Great pic of the sunrise! Geez how early does Reece get up?

    I've always loved that skirt. Love the Uggies with it too :) It's been so cold!

    Luv Shell xx

  12. I totally agree--we chose how we feel. It is hard for people to get their minds around that sometimes--but we do "chose" how we react to events and people and situations. And we can reprogram ourselves. I think it is extremely empowering!! :):)

    Love the mantra card, sunrise, and your charming skirt! :)


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