Sunday, 21 June 2009

caneware and knitting

i skipped a couple of days sketches with daily life getting in the way but, today, i managed a sketch of one of the cane chairs while watching a movie with aaron and bradley.
pigma micron pen & coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook
click on any image to enlarge

we had already seen marley and me at the cinema and loved it and, yes, i sobbed my heart out yet again. such a beautiful movie and, as far as i can tell, it was based on a true story. if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you have some tissues at the ready. i must say i'm relieved my cody isn't mischievious like the dog in the movie. i'm not sure i would have coped as well as they seemed to


even the simple moments can be sacred ones

as i've been knitting lately, aaron expressed a desire to learn so here we are.
i cherish these special moments with my kids
not the best of photos because it was taken early this evening when the flash was needed but still special nonetheless

i was actually surprised at how quickly aaron picked it up. i had taught bradley and aaron how to do french knitting some months ago and they have been thoroughly enjoying it so i guess this was the next step for aaron. an art friend of mine told me today that her father would happily knit socks for them when they were kids. i think that's wonderful! my uncle was in the british army in his youth, quite the male-chauvinist too, and he knitted. my great grandfather was a tailor back when clothes and suits were sewn by hand from scratch. mum told me that dad even learned to knit though he had the habit of ending up with a lot more stitches than what he started with. lol it seems that handcrafts run in our family, even among the men, and i'm quite proud of that fact.

i'll be back tomorrow with mantra monday and photo for the week.

love, light and peace


  1. My 10 year old son does cross stitch, some needlepoint, tries different embroidery stitches and knits. I love being able to do crafty things with him.

  2. What a great tradition in the family! I loved it when my first husband took a sewing class...he wanted to make himself some polo shirts, and he sure did learn how!!! Hope Aaron will love it!

  3. What a sweet photo of you and your son....and how wonderful that he's interested in knitting. I've heard that it was men who first knitted so it's appropriate that they should still enjoy it.

  4. I always love to hear about men knitting and crocheting. A gentleman at our church made us the most beautiful crocheted baby blanket when my first was born.

    I believe the family chose an equally difficult dog on purpose, as their next pet after Marley died. Although that wasn't in the movie, that's what was in the book, which was based on a true story.

  5. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really enjoyed the book :D

    Hubbys grandfather can knit and sew which came in handy when I needed my big knitted coat fixed :) I wish more guys would take up sewing and knitting like your son, its a good skill to have :)

  6. Serena,
    That is such a nice picture of you and Aaron sharing time together. That is great that Bradley and Aaron have learned how to knit. Can I come over so you can show me? :)
    Regarding the movie Marley and Me, I cried too.


  7. Aaron is 10 years old too and I so enjoy when he paints with me too.

    Julie, well done to your husband!

    Janet, that's very interesting news.

    Chocoholic, I will definitely get the book to read. How lovely that the gentleman made a baby blanket for your first born.

    Jennifer, I agree, they are great skills to learn for sure.

    Come on down, Norma, and I will teach you to knit ~ :)

  8. Hey Serena, this brings back memories of my mum & Nan teaching me to knit and also of me teaching my children :)

    oh and could you email me(email address in profile) so that I can add you to the list for the Full Moon Earth Healing ritual.. ta! xo

  9. That's wonderful Serena, my late Dad used to make beautiful cushion tapestries in geometric designs! He was very creative & he found it calming:)

  10. How sweet is my little man learning to knit. I have completly forgotten what Grandma tought me. I will have to learn again someday.

    Love the sketch of the cain chair!

    I wouldn't be able to cope with a dog like Marley either.

  11. Love the sketch and think it is wonderful that you are all knitters male and female. My mom taught all us girls to knit when we were very young but not the boys, although my older brother does know how to make curtains with a sewing machine (;

  12. Iremember teaching my then 10yo son to crochet . Boy they pick things up quickly .

  13. Gotta love a man who knits! :) I have just gone through a week of posts! How did I miss a week? My goddess I must have been uber swamped to have neglected my Serena!

    I love your sketches! They are so simple yet intricate. They bring their subjects to life!

    I always love looking at photos of you and your family, in a non-stalkerish sort of way. They give me a sense of family which I am sorely lacking! Thank you :)

  14. Another fantastic sketch Serena!
    I haven't seen Marley & Me yet, I'm too scared I'll bawl my eyes out!
    That's great that your son wants to learn to knit and you can teach him and share such great moments!

  15. Thats a lovely family tradition. He has art running in his viens.

  16. Love, love your sketches!

    I was teaching my boys how to knit and sew, they are picking up here and there but right now they are more into computer games :)

  17. I love that caneware sketch! And I love cane and wicker furniture.

    We saw Marley and Me on xmas day, loved the movie but the ending broke my heart. In fact I had to leave before the movie ended so I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself.

  18. Serena, this is absolutely amazing! I love the picture of Aaron knitting, and you looking at him ever so serene and proud :) Purely priceless!

  19. What a lovely family give your children such beautiful memories Serena!

    OOOh and yes, I love that chair sketch too...:)

  20. What an inviting chair! Haven't seen or read Marley and Me--so will have to rent the movie. (I have tissues right next to my chair.)

    I think you're right about the creativity running in families--even the men. My brother did some crewl needlework, lots of woodworking, and learned how to sew. Even sewed himself a winter coat and a sleeping bag! My Dad is into photography. And Dagan has a way with color when he paints. There's a lot of intellectual creativity that runs in our family, too--male and female. Interesting--got me thinking about that now--hehe! :):)

  21. I love your daily sketches too! and REALLY....who possible can not like caneware?? (I just love it....but did go through a phase where I didnt like it, and threw some stuff its expensive rebuilding my collection)


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