Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Photo a week and sketchbook entry

i'm not doing too well at managing daily sketches but i'm happy that i'm doing any at all. life gets so darned busy with lots of distractions. yesterday, i spent the biggest part of the day sorting out an internet connection problem that brad was having with his computer. then today, the morning was spent teaching my art student and, after class, brad and i popped to the shops.

i did manage this quick sketch late this afternoon. i thought the subject fitted in with my photo-a-week post too. this little camera has been so handy and i have used it heaps.

micron pigma pen & coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook
click on any image to enlarge


though i'm actually a day late

it's been raining on and off the past few days so i really didn't get a chance to get outside of the house much apart from shopping. however today i walked up to the school to collect aaron in the afternoon and, on the walk home, i took theses pics.

these are tibouchina flowers

an orange trumpet vine overhanging a fence

a close up of the orange trumpet flowers

and some orange fungus attached to a stump
i'm not sure of its correct name

my mantra card will be late again this week, sorry ~ :(

i will catch up with everyone else's weekly photos tomorrow as
i'm feeling quite tired so i think i'll call it a night

love, light and peace


  1. I can't even tell you what kind of kindergarten scratch I would produce as a Daily Sketch so you are doing supreme in my book.

    I love Trumpet vines and those are so gorgeous!! and that orange fungi. . . isn't natures color pallet wonderful.

  2. Wow! what brilliant colours...

    There is an article in National Geographic this month about Australia's drought situation... Greg was reading it last night and saying...you should read this seeing as you have blog buddies in Oz.... he was saying it sounds pretty bad...
    do some of the flowers do okay with the limited amount of ground water and just an occasional sprinkle..or do you have to water quite a bit from the house to get them to grow?

  3. Wow! I've never seen a trumpet vine so heavy with blooms- gorgeous.

    Your drawings are always so good, and this one of your camera is no exception. Very nice, Serena!

  4. those trumpet flowers are gorgeous! can't believe how bright they are :D

  5. Great sketch of your camera.

    I love those orange trumpet vines. They always remind me of Conifer St.
    They are all great shots :)

  6. those trumpet flowers are stunning as are your photos!

  7. Serena, if you love to see Aboriginal dress.... check out Johny Days photos... Eastern Canada....

    his site is on my sidebar. ...he usually is doing his fabulous Hollywood poodle...but, lately has been getting into some horses as he is taking riding lessons...and now some of the Pow Wow guys....
    love their ceremonial dress..... amazing....


  8. Great photos of the flowers. I love those bright orange trumpet flowers. Wish I had a bush like that in my yard. :)


  9. Oops, forgot to comment on that Fungus. I love it too! LOL
    The sketch of your trusty camera came out really nice.

  10. Love your sketch of your camera...the addition of the little bit of colored pencil is neat!

    That fungus is cool...I love fungus and mushrooms (esp. orange fungus)!!!

  11. Serena your sketches are wonderful...I'm really enjoying them. Your sketchbook is going to be a wonderful collection of very special images when it's full.

    I'm always so impressed by how much you accomplish creatively!

  12. I am loving your sketches! And that orange fungus!!! Cool!

  13. Oh my what gorgeous and exotic looking flowers.

  14. Oh I forgot to tell you I love your sketches. As long as you can get one small one done everyday that is something. Life does get in the way.

  15. You have the most amazing plants down there! (And insects--arg!--I still have that big old spider smack dab in the middle of my mind's eye--hehe!)

    Dagan and Leah gave me their old camera and I LOVE it. It's also a Cannon, but different numbers than yours on the front of it. :)

    Life can certainly get in the way. Has been for me for weeks--ROFL!! :):)

  16. Spectacular vibrant color! What gorgeous plants!!!

  17. Wow I love the sketch and those blooms are just spectacular with color, Love them!! Love the fungi too!


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