Tuesday, 30 June 2009

monday photo-a-week and a sketch of my new wallet


i've been looking for a decent-sized bag and wallet for some months now but i've never had much luck. the bag i've been using is always packed to the hilt, and literally bulging at the seams, while my wallet has been showing serious signs of wear and tear after years of use. the bags i've bought previously have always been that bit too small or, they're large with no dividers....a girl like me NEEDS dividers! otherwise i fumble around for ages trying to find the item i'm looking for. with dividers, i know exactly where everything is.

as for a wallet....apart from a small amount of cash, i have A LOT of different cards to consider....driver's licence, medicare card, RACQ breakdown service card, library card, many store discount cards, credit/EFTPOS card, lotto card, membership cards, etc. so i need a decent-sized wallet to hold them all.

well.....today was my lucky day!

i not only found the perfect sized bag WITH dividers
but i also found a new wallet!

which prompted my sketch for today

graphite, pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook

click on any image to enlarge

if you follow feng shui or colour therapy, you will already know that the colour of your wallet can attract more money or abundance into your life. green is the colour for abundance. my previous wallet was green too and even though i had a different colour in mind for my new wallet, i still ended up with a green one. i LOVED it so much that i also bought the smaller version in the same design and colour for my smaller bags.
i welcome abundance into my life!

you can read more about feng shui and wallets here and here.


earlier this week, we woke up to a very foggy morning. i had to drop reece off at the bus stop around 6 AM and, as the fog was clearing quite quickly, i stopped to take this pic on the way back home. i know it's nothing like the london 'pea-soupers' that i've heard about but i love the mystical feel of foggy mornings nonetheless

then, the very next morning, we were treated to this glorious winter sunrise....i LOVE the colours but darn that street-light! the bird in flight is a crow and i didn't even know it was in the shot until i uploaded it to the computer. YAY!

love, light and peace


  1. There really is so much beauty out there! Beautiful pics, streetlight and all :)

  2. That is a beautiful wallet! I love that shade of green.

  3. You are so talented! Your new wallet is very pretty!

  4. Love your sketch, your are so talented, I could never scetch like that!! Foggy days are nice sometimes but that sky in the second photo is magnificent!

  5. I purchased two pieces of art from your daughter and just wanted to tell you how talented she is. :)

  6. What great shots, Serena! I love fog and you captured it perfectly. and that sunrise is glorious!

  7. I always have trouble finding just the right wallet, too. But I hadn't thought about feng shui in relation to it! Now I'm going to be looking for a new green wallet!

    Beautiful photos!

  8. I have a green wallet (but not as cute as yours)... Ha, my post today is about healing with the color green...again we are on the same wave length! Gotta love that!

  9. Thanks, Darla and I agree...there is so much beauty for us to appreciate. :)

    Thanks, Chocoholic....I LOVE this shade of green too. :)

    Thanks, Tabitha! I'm so proud of Michelle and I too think her artwork is amazing ~ :)

    Thanks, Linda. I couldn't believe my luck two days in a row. :)

    Thanks, Janet. I hope you find the perfect green wallet ~ :)

    Caroline, how uncanny that is! I love that we often find ourselves on the same wavelength with posts. :)

  10. My wallet is showing where and tear. But for some reason I’m hanging on to it.

    Coffee is on.

  11. Hi Serena,
    Oh, I've never even noticed Green wallets in the past.
    My BIL bought me back a beautiful pink wallet from Darwin, so it was very interesting to read all about Feng Shui and the colour of your wallet.
    Great drawing.

  12. Wow, that sunrise is glorious! The photo of the foggy day is really neat too. Love the new wallet. Thanks for letting us all know that Green is the color of abundance. :)


  13. peppylady, i think that's what took me so long to find another wallet....nothing seemed as good as my old faithful wallet. i do LOVE my new wallet though.

    thanks, anna. i was actually tossing up between a fuchsia pink wallet and the green one i ended up buying. i'm really liking the colour green right now ~ :)

    thanks, norma. green is also a soothing and calming colour.

  14. really nice looking wallet :) Mines blue with Eeyore on it lol hmmm don't think that works with feng shui :p

    that is a gorgeous sunrise shot :D so many colours to the sky

  15. Serena those shots are amazing...and a little photoshopping would take that street light out, no problem!

    I love your green wallett too...if I was money, I'd want to live there! Blessings of unlimited abundance to you.

  16. Another great sketch mum. It looks like you could pick that wallet up off the page. I would like to see your new bag too. I will prob see it when you drop Aaron off.

    Both pics are great but that sunrise is magnificent! The colours are amazing.

  17. fun wallet!!! and love those photos

  18. Great wallet sketch...beautiful dimension and depth to it!

    Your sunrise reminds me very much of our sunsets...being a night owl I don't see that many sunrises...just look what I am be missing! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  19. thanks, jennifer....your wallet is obviously a happy wallet. the colour blue is harmonious with water so may well encourage money to flow into it. of course, you may be in danger of that money flowing right back out again. lol

    thanks, kate....i didn't even think of using paintshop pro to remove the street-light. thanks for the reminder. i'm glad you like my new wallet ~ :)

    thanks, shell. yep, i will have my new bag with me when i drop aaron off next week.

    thanks, brandi ~ :)

    thanks, margaret. there are times where i wish i could be a night owl as i'm sure there would be less distractions while painting or sketching into the wee hours of the morning. alas, i have always been an early bird....not that i really mind waking up with the birds. early mornings can be a very special time for me ~ :)

  20. somehow you must be able to Photoshop out that streetlight...but, I wouldn't have a clue how...great shot....

  21. Beautiful shots Serena and I love your sketch it is lovely!

  22. Love your sketbook drawing!

    Beautiful photos!

  23. Wow wow, great sketch! Lovely photos too. You make me already wanting winter to come back...

    catching up and waving hi before leaving town again...

  24. Hi Serena,

    Just started looking over your little repository of all things good and worthy in this life. What a lovely way to start a rainy Irish morning. Your blog is filled with sunshine and higher frequencies. Thanks for this!

    I love they way you use your sketchbook as a dairy/journal as much as for drawings. It has got to the point now were I have hardly any drawings in my own sketch book now. Kinda ironic, but there ya go.

    Keep up the good work. I am going to subscribe to your blog if you do not mind.

    PS: You have something of the Selkie about you. Can see it in your photo.

  25. thanks, vee. :) i know how to remove the streetlight using paintshop pro but completely forgot i had that option.

    thanks, shashi. :)

    thanks, helen. :)

    thanks, sandy. enjoy your next trip and don't forget the camera. :)

    thanks for dropping by, thomas, and for your lovely comment. :) funny that you compare me to a selkie as....i have always felt drawn to the sea and my dream is to one day live in a cottage by the sea. even though she wasn't a selkie, the little mermaid, was my favourite story as a child. i wouldn't mind at all if you would like to subscribe to my blog. thank you ~

  26. I never heard that about the green wallet--interesting! I think I need one--hehe! And to find a new purse you really like, too--what a shopping day! I agree--a good purse is hard find! One to love in actual use with enough sections and pockets--not too large and not too small--style, shape, etc, etc. Congrats, Lady!!

    I love the mystical fog, too! You caught a beautiful picture. And the sunrise is gorgeous, too! :):)


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