Friday, 26 June 2009

weekly mantra card, michael and farrah

when i woke up this morning
i was shocked to hear that michael jackson had died and
i think i'm still trying to get my head around it. May You Rest in Peace, Michael

i grew up on michael jackson (and donny osmond) and i've always been in awe of his talent. my kids have grown up on him too. i know his life has been quite controversial but there is no denying that michael jackson was a legend in his own time. i choose to celebrate and remember the phenomenal entertainer that he was.....putting his heart and soul into every performance.
so many of his songs have touched a chord within
and i am deeply saddened by his sudden death.

i watched tribute shows for michael jackson, as well as for farrah fawcett, earlier today

the brady bunch, bewitched, six million dollar man, the bionic woman and, last but not least, charlie's angels, were some of my favourite TV shows in my younger years. i haven't seen the documentary where farrah had her battle with cancer documented on film but watching the tribute today was very emotional for me. farrah certainly fought a courageous battle against this monster of a disease which, sadly, seems to touch so many lives nowadays.

May You Rest in Peace, Farrah


MANTRA MONDAY (but YIKES, it's Friday!)

it seems i'm having trouble getting my weekly affirmation cards ready for the monday posting but i do try
this week's mantra speaks for itself
i focus my thoughts and feelings on serenity and joy
acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on any image to enlarge

i'm sure this affirmation will help me to cope better with today's sad news

love, light and peace


  1. A beautiful tribute for two beautiful people. I think it is going to take a few days for this to sink in. Such a shock.

    Your mantra card is lovely and very fitting at the moment.

  2. You've echoed my thoughts Serena, I also grew up with all these shows & both Michael & Farrah were a big part of that. Michael a brilliant entertainer & Farrah a beautiful & talented actress.

    Love your mantra cards ... they are all so beautiful:) Hope you have a good weekend my friend:)

  3. There sorrow in our world now. But it will heal.

    Coffee is on.

  4. I was shocked too when I read about Michael Jackson's death. :(
    What a huge loss for the Music world. :(
    Farrah lost her battle with Cancer but now she is in a better place with no suffering and in complete peace


  5. Serenity and joy the both are such beautiful words and those who can find both together are truely blessed. Your card as always is lovely.

  6. I love the painting of the flower in your mantra card- very pretty!

  7. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Much appreciated.

  8. I grew up LOVING MJ & Farrah. A very sad loss...but hopefully they are both at peace and now entertaining all those souls who are "elsewhere." It makes me realize to live fully and enjoy all the little things... I so appreciate and am thankful for the talented artists in this world (you included!). A wonderful mantra card you made today...

  9. Me too grew up loving both of them. I am sure that both are at rest at peace and they will not be forgotten.

  10. Thank you, Serena, for the wonderful tributes on two of icons that influenced, entertained and charmed people the world over.

    Thank you for not giving into the desire to denigrate someone's whole life based on what we may or may not know.

    This epitomizes to me the grace, open-mindedness and true beauty of who you are, and someone I am proud to call friend.

    Your mantra card is as usual, very insightful and beautiful.

    I have been having trouble keeping up with blogging, but I will always come visit you :)

  11. A beautiful comment, Caroline......thank you.

    They certainly made a difference in this world, James. Thanks for your comment.

    Genie, thank you so much for such a supportive and heartfelt comment. It meant a lot to me and I'm so proud to call you friend too.

  12. I know, I was in shock over that news, too. I was never really a fan, yet there was no doubt in my mind that he was an incredibly talented being. And he was, without a doubt, the biggest, baddest entertainer ever. May he rest in peace. The same for Farrah Fawcett. All those shows you mentioned, I grew up on them too.

    I love all of your mantra cards. They're going to make a beautiful set!

  13. I know that MJ had some very mysteries ways and even some rather questionable ones, which are no concern anymore and I am sure he has answered for them already. He was a super talent and will always be remembered as one, it was very shocking news to hear of his passing. Farrah also fought a brave battle and will be missed also.
    I love your mantra card as always.

  14. Hi Mum,

    I just wanted to say that your post about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett is so touching and nicely done! I totally agree with you about not denying Michael being a legend in his own time, even when all that controversy surrounded him. It is the music that counts, not his personal life and what he chooses to do with it. Michael really did put his heart and soul into all his performances and songs and I feel the same way, some songs make me sad as well.

    Nice tribute to Farrah Fawcett as well. I wish I'd have gotten to see more of her movies she appeared in. I love Man Of The House!

    I love your latest Mantra card! It really does suit for this sad occasion.

    Love Brad!

  15. Billy Mays is gone too now. ):

  16. This may just be one of my most favorite of your affirmation cards..I love the stars...a beautiful tribute also.

  17. Yes lots of sad news but beautiful mantra card.

  18. First of all--what a lovely, lovely flower on your mantra card!

    I agree with you about Michael in remembering what he contributed to the world. He was such a damaged soul with many good intentions. I don't know if I want to know any more than that. :)

    I watched the special on Farrah, too. She was a fighter to the end.

    We have lost so many famous people recently--some you're too young to remember, I imagine, like Gayle Storm and Fred Travelina. Karl Malden, David Carradine (another supicious death), Billy Mayes, and Ed McMahon. But of all of them Michael was the best known world-wide, I think. He left a permanent mark on the music world. :):)

  19. beautiful! I have missed these mantras....the colours in this one are wonderful, and of course the mantra always so relevant to me!


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