Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 10 - Medication - Blogtoberfest

What a start to the day!

I made a HUGE mistake.

My daily medications for blood pressure and arthritis
are organised in my pill dispenser.
So, this morning, I took some medicine for my cold.
Then, on auto pilot, took my daily medication dose
from the pill dispenser.
It suddenly dawned on me that
the medication for my osteoarthritis
contained extra strength paracetamol (acetaminophen).
While the medication for my cold also
contained paracetamol (acetaminophen).

I had pretty much double-dosed!


I phoned the Poisons Bureau
as instructed on the packet
which also included the phone number.
Thankfully, they told me I should be okay
being that it only happened this one time.


So, that prompted my sketch for today.
#10 of 75 ink/pen sketches


The sunflower is progressing...
The last two pics were taken today,
one in the morning,
one in the afternoon.

Anywhoo, this head cold has a good hold of me now,
so I think I'll curl up in front of the TV for a little bit
and then get myself off to bed.

Goodnight all!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. we also planted some sunflowers..two packets of seeds so expensive, and only 3 sunflowers have so far popped up and starting to grow... v disappointing! wow that was a close call with the meds! thank goodness youre ok!

    1. OH, that's such a shame. I'd have been disappointed too. :( We have heaps of sunflowers growing and most are budding now.

  2. Sorry to hear of your medication scare. Oy! Glad you'll be fine. Great sketch and love your photographs. :)

  3. I probably wouldn't have even put two and two together--LOL! Glad you're okay and, now, well informed. Love the sketch--appropriate! I have a one week box for pills. The sunflower is looking fantastic! Can hardly wait to see that in a sketch!! :):) I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been under the weather myself this week. It's a bummer.

    1. I don't like taking medications so I'm always wary...will phone the Pharmacist to make sure certain ones can be taken together etc. However, yesterday, I was foggy-brained with the cold symptoms...that's my only excuse. lol Yep, mine is a one week pill container but it also include AM and PM doses.

      Sorry that you're under the weather too. Feel better soon ~ xo

  4. oh, be careful Serena....... and sure hope you feel better soon...... it's awful not to feel ourselves, even as debilitated as we are normally some days, eh? My sister and I have decided this getting old is for the damn birds.... and whoever coined the phrase "golden years" should be throttled. There ain't nothin' golden about it!

    1. I generally am very careful with medications but having a head cold must have left me foggy-brained. I was very relieved to be told I'd be okay. Paracetamol/acetaminophen is apparently the most common drug that, when too much is taken, causes toxicity of the liver or liver failure. It can cause permanent liver damage....just hope my poor, old liver is okay.

      I'm with you and your sister...I'm still young at heart but my body obviously didn't get the memo. lol

  5. feel better soon!

    yeah once isnt a big deal, its when you do it all the time or are really sensitive to the meds

    most of thw flowers here are starting to die, but my dahlia did flower before it gets too cold :)

  6. Good sketch love your photos of sun flower.

  7. Well, that was a near miss. Glad you're okay! Hoping you're feeling a bit better today too. You are very busy with all of your committments but you'll have to fill me in... what's Blogtoberfest, AEDM and the 75 sketches in 75 day challenge? And where do I find the info online? I'm curious! I love challenges ;)

    1. Thanks, Jodi. I went over and left a comment on your last post explaining the challenges and links for same. Hope you'll consider joining in. It's a lot of fun and you get to meet some lovely people in the process. :)

  8. Sorry to hear about the scare. On a positive note those photos are beautiful.

  9. Thanks for popping back in with that info! I will definitely check out those links you left for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I hope I can join in with one of the challenges, at least part way!

  10. Glad to hear things worked out! We used to grow sunflowers every year and hadn't the last couple. Your pictures reminded me of just why I love them. :) Hope that nasty head cold goes away soon. - Tracy

    1. Thanks, Tracy. So far, just one sunflower has opened up although other buds won't be far behind it. I'm glad the photos evoked some happy memories for you. xo

  11. I always admire your sketches. The pill mix up was a scare, I'm sure! I'm glad you're ok!

    1. Thanks, Jenny....I have another big scare that I'm dealing with now after getting the diagnosis of melanoma today. :(


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