Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 5 - Spoon - Blogtoberfest

When I opened my bedroom blinds early this morning,
the sunlight washed over my bed.
It felt so nice and summery,
even though I'm not really looking forward
to the dreadful hot, humid heat of summer.

A pic of my two shadows.
Well, Cody practically follows me everywhere
just like a shadow. :)

Aaron and I went shopping for the morning with Michelle and Mikayla.
We had McDonalds hotcakes for breakfast. YUM!

The day flew by before I knew it and then, by mid-afternoon,
it was panic stations deciding on what to sketch for today.

I ended up settling for a spoon!

I made a delicious salmon vindaloo curry with rice for dinner tonight.
One of our all-time favourites.

What's your all-time favourite meal?

~ Love, light and peace ~


Anonymous said...

I love it when the sun light just floods into a room! it is like it is saying "you can't keep me out of your life no matter where you try and hide". I hope the summer isn't to bad there for you but I promise I would trade it in a minute for the winter I feel coming at my back.
I love the detail in your spoon's handle. Great job getting through day 5!!!

Kate I said...

The light and colour in your bedroom is so beautiful and your spoon sketch is so lovely. I'm just amazed at your ability to sketch just with pen! No pencil and eraser...Yikes. I guess this comes with practice and I'm thinking I may try it too but I'd need a LOT of practice!! (It would be a "for my eyes only" exercise for awhile.)

My favourite meal used to be Lasagna until I went gluten free...looking for a gluten free Lasagna pasta now. I've really had to let go of a lot of foods that I loved when I became sensitive to both wheat and onion...they're in almost everything! I do love a good curry though!

Kimbundance said...

Such an amazing work of art and choice of colors on your pictures. So vibrant! I really like your blog, come by mine I'm sure you will love it too!

Much love and light!

renate said...

Hello Serena:) I love to see your sketches. They are so detailed. Your shadows are perfect. Great art! The photo's are beautiful. Love it!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice detailing on the spoon :)

hmm favourite meal.....key lime pie?

Janet said...

The picture of your bed in the sunlight looks so inviting. It must be a great place to curl up with a book or for a nap. As for my favorite meal...I've discovered some delicious vegan "shrimp" that I really enjoy. Way back when I still ate meat it would have been baked ham with pineapple. I loved it!

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Dawn! I like your thoughts on the sunlight flooding a room.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Kate! You know, I'm still terrified when I touch the first pen mark to the page but then, I just get caught up in the pleasure of sketching. Funny that I feel more comfortable sketching with pen now than I do with pencil. I feel like I'm always second-guessing myself with pencil as I have the option to erase. With pen, you have to either accept the mistakes as adding character or incorporate them into the feels more freeing and open to possibilities.

I'm a pescetarian but I'm also thinking of cutting wheat and dairy out of my diet. What rotten luck to develop a sensitivity to onions....I love them! I can't imagine cooking without them but I guess I'd have to adjust too if I became sensitive to them.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Kim! I dropped by your blog and I do love it! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Renate! I'm glad you enjoy my sketches and photos ~ :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Jennifer. :)

I've never had key lime pie but a friend went on holiday to Florida once and she raved on about their Key Lime pies.

Serena Lewis said...

Yes, I read, sketch, and nap bedroom is like my it!

OH, the 'vegan' shrimp sounds very interesting! Do you make them yourself or have you tried them at restaurants?

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
Love the sunshine exploding all that color in your bedroom!
Sounds like such a nice time out with the kids.
I am loving your ink drawings.
Favorite meal? Kind of newly going vegan...have to think. Right now one of my favorite things is Zatarains black beans and rice. I've been making it about once a week. Just bought some cajun seasoning to try to figure out how I can make my own version instead of buying the box mixes. ;)
Looking forward to your next post and sketch!! :)

sandy said...

Your bedroom looks so inviting - beautiful colors. Great job on the spoon. I imagine you have so much fun with your granddaughter and daughter (and Aaron). Enjoyed reading your post.

Unknown said...

Love all the colours in your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

that spoon is great... reminds me of my spoon collection - spoons of the world... I had to stop that though as I run out of room!
we had a pea and asparagus risotto last night - the recipe was on the cover of the Coles magazine! it was delish!!

krissie from winterwood

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Rita! I'm enjoying the challenge so far.

Black beans and rice sounds yummy....I don't think I've ever tried black beans but I do love beans so I'm sure it would be a winner. I don't think we get that brand here but I'll look out for it.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend ~ xo

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Sandy. OH YES, I love spending time with my kids and my Granddaughter! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Stacey ~ :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Krissie. Pea and asparagus risotto sounds like another winning dish. YUM!