Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 26 of Blogtoberfest - Sunflower bud opening

It was a busy day with an appointment for Bradley in the morning 
and an appointment for me in the afternoon. 
Of course, catching the bus takes large chunks of time out of the day 
as the buses only pass through our area hourly
and it rarely fits in with appointment times. 
We came home for lunch and, an hour later,  
I headed off to catch the bus to my afternoon appointment only to find that 
the girls at the desk hadn't registered my appointment time 
when I'd arranged it last week. 
This was most frustrating because I then had quite a long wait 
while they squeezed me in even though I'd made a valid appointment.
They didn't even bother to apologise for their mistake.
This was not the first time the girls at the skin cancer clinic 
have messed up my appointment times 
and they've done it with my Mum too. 
To be honest, their attitude towards clients
leaves a lot to be desired!
Thankfully, the doctors are all lovely and my doctor
kept apologising for the mix-up 
and the long wait.
He felt terrible about it.

Anywhoo, I had my stitches removed today! 
The doctor is pleased with how it's healing. 

I then rushed to catch the late bus so
I could get home to start dinner because
Beau was coming over for dinner and a visit.
Talk about hectic!

So the busy day meant another rushed sketch.

#26 of 75 pen/ink sketches

A sunflower bud starting to open up.

Pencil-free sketch in A6 pocket Moleskine sketchbook 
using ZIG Millennium, Micron and ballpoint pens.

Now, I'm off to relax with a movie.

~ Love, light and peace ~


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Good to know you are healing fine and that you had your boy for a visit. :)

My Grama's Soul said...

Great sketch Serena....glad to know your healing nicely.....



Janet said...

It might be a rushed sketch but it's beautiful. And I'm so glad to hear you're healing from the surgery.

Shashi Nayagam said...

You might have rushed the sketch but even then the sketch is beautiful. As for the mess up appointments I am glad that your doc at least is a good one. We have had the same here with my husband's appointments and the admin staff sometimes are not very helpful at all.

Jennifer Rose said...

can you talk to the practice manager about the problems??

Rita said...

The buses! They only run once an hour by me, too, and not after 6pm! In the center of town they run every half hour and run till 9pm or something like that. I haven't dealt with them for a while, but I remember it taking half a day just in the travel time to and fro with bus transfers and waiting. How awful of those girls! Some people just don't care about other people. Good thing your doctor and nurse do. But you'd think they'd be on those girls more to keep things straight. *sigh* I'm glad they got you in.

Love seeing the sunflower unfold! Glad you are healing well. Have a quiet weekend. :)