Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 12 - Fairy Wrens - Blogtoberfest

Brrrrrrrr.....there was a very cold and blustery wind all day!!
It certainly cooled things down.

Would you believe I'm battling yet another migraine this evening?
This afternoon, I was putting together a desk 
from a flat-pack for Aaron's room when, 
in a split second, pain shot through my head 
and it's been a battle since.

That's three migraines I've had in three consecutive days
Hopefully, tomorrow will be migraine-free.

I didn't want to flake out on the 75 sketch challenge 
so I sketched regardless of my head pain.
Yep, I'm a real

#12 of 75 pen/ink sketches

Another of my top three favourite birds.

Fairy wrens!

Pencil-free sketch in A6 pocket Moleskine sketchbook
using ZIG Millennium and Micron pens.

And now, I'm off to take more migraine pills
and lie down.

I hope your day was better than mine.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, Serena, I love love love your work. Totally gorgeous!

  2. Lovely sketch! ...looks absolutely gorgeous


  3. Your birds are fantastic. I mentioned in one of my posts this week that that is a weak area for me, the drawing of birds, and something that I deem a challenge to work on and perfect in my own way. Hope you get to feeling better! Glad you soldiered on through the migraine and made your art anyway.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Healing thoughts coming your way, Serena... Be feeling better soon. LOVE the fairy wren... so sweet! :o) ((HUGS))

  5. The little bird sketches are great...and all done while battling a migraine!

  6. A cold blustery wind sounds good to me. It's been hot and humid here the past week. Your little bird sketches are so sweet. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I hope the medicine and the lie down helped. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. :( not good about the migraine again :(

    nice sketch tho :)

  8. Such beautiful wrens Serena! So sorry to hear about the sore head - Take a Bex and have a lie down...

    Hope your weekend is much brighter.

  9. So sorry to hear about all the migraines!! I've had a sinus headache for a week, but it's more annoying and not the terrible sharp pain of a migraine. Sending healing energy!! Love your fairy wrens. I don't think I've ever seen them before. I do think you are brave to be doing the sketches despite the migraines!! You are a hero!! :):) Love and hugs!! Take care and spoil yourself silly!

  10. I had not heard of Fairy Wrens before...what a sweet name! Lovely sketch, despite your headache. Hope tomorrow will be 100% better!!!

  11. Hello Serena:) I love those beautiful sketches. And cute they are. I hope you will feel better in a short time. Take it easy!


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