Thursday 15 November 2012

Day 15 - AEDM & Nablopomo - Shoes

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. 
I was feeling much better today and 
I even had the pleasure of baby-sitting Mikayla. 
Still no sign of baby's arrival, 
so Michelle and Alex went to see 
the final Twilight movie.
This baby is sure teaching us 
to be more patient.

One thing is for sure..
My new granddaughter won't have any 
problems staying warm when winter comes 
next year. 

I finished her blanket this week!!

Here it is laid out on my Queen-size bed to 
give you an idea of size. 
Michelle loves it and it will be the perfect size for her 
to snuggle up with baby on those cold, winter nights 
while she's feeding her.

I had lots of fun with Mikayla today and, 
as she loves to paint, 
I brought out one of my watercolour sets. 
Here she is creating one of her masterpieces 
under the watchful eye of her koala. 
I love this little girl SO much!!

Mikayla was wearing pretty pink lace-up shoes today
and they made it into my sketchbook.

#46 of 75 pen/ink sketches

Pencil-free sketch in A6 Moleskine pocket sketchbook 
using ZIG Millennium and Micron pens.

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~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post... that blanket must have taken forever to make!

  2. Mikayla is such a precious child. She will be artistic just like you Serena~ Your bedspread/blanket for baby is fabulous. You will long be remembered by your wonderful grandchildren!

  3. Mikayla is such a cutie!!!! and that blanket is just lovely! what a beautiful colour it is!

  4. That blanket is absolutely delightful, so sweet and fun. How has Mikayla grown! A lovely young lady.

  5. What a precious picture of an artist in training! :) Wow, those shoes are amazing!

  6. The blanket is beautiful. I can see another budding artist in Mikayla

  7. what a beautiful blanket!

    and don't you just love toddler shoes? of course, all kids clothes are cute, but for some reason i'm especially for shoes and overalls... i have no idea why!

  8. Your sketches are always great. It's hard to believe any day now you are going to have another granddaughter. Your little Mikayla is so adorable!! Love the blanket also. I know how it is to love ones' granddaughters (and grandsons). You are a lucky gramma.

  9. Your blankie looks great Serina! I am busy doing exactly the same pattern but mine is in different colors. Still have a long way to go until mine is finished. Love your sketch and good to see you spent time with Mikayla. Means you are feeling better :) Have a lovely day!
    Ansota :)

  10. they are wonderful sneakers and your drawing of them is is that blanket... as for your grand daughter... just stunning... xx

  11. So glad you are feeling better. The blanket is wonderful. could almost picture mama and baby in a rocking chair wrapped up in the warmth. :)
    Mikayla really has a sense of color! Wow! And she's so neat at her young age. She must truly be embedded in your heart. And the new little one will be, too. Patience is a virtue. :)