Thursday 22 November 2012

Day 22 - AEDM & Nablopomo - rosebud

It's been full-on the past few days. 
I had Mikayla for a couple of days and nights while Michelle 
was in hospital but she has gone home now. 
Yes, Michelle and little Madelyn were released from hospital today. 
They picked Mikayla up from my place on the way home. 
Then, I dropped Abbey, their dog, home later. 
Baby Madelyn is doing very well.

Thanks so much for all the Congrats and Well Wishes! 

I only had time for another quick sketch today....this time, a rosebud.

#53 of 75 pen/ink sketches

Pencil-free sketch in A6 Moleskine pocket sketchbook 
using ZIG Millennium, Micron and PITT pens.

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I think I'll get an early night as Mikayla woke a few times in the wee hours
 mostly due to going off to sleep too early yesterday evening because she had
missed her nap during the day-time. 
I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all.

I hope you're all having a great week!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Excellent sketch! :) Hope you get some rest.

  2. oh Serena, I'm so sorry to hear you've injured your shoulder, please take, care thank you so much for your kind words today,your rose bud is beautiful, I hope sleep comes quickly to you tonight, sounds like you need it!

  3. yeah mom is amazed at how little time they keep women in the hospital after they give birth, sometimes just a day compared to the week or more women use to be kept

    another great sketch :)

  4. Hi Serena. Thanks for stopping by. We just home home and it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope your day was great. Beautiful work. Glad you daughter and g/b are home now. Congratulations as well. I've been busy Serena doing lots of things but do appreciate your work and words. Thanks again. Have a great weekend coming up. Take care and hope your shoulder feels better.