Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 3 - AEDM & Nablopomo - #34 sketch

I'm feeling quite tired for some reason 
and it's only early evening. 

Last night, we had an overnight guest. 
My son, Beau, and his house-mate, Steven,
were attending a house-warming party 
and had planned to stay overnight. 
So, Steven's dog came to stay with us for the night.
She is a German Shepherd/American Staffy Mix, 
if I remember rightly, and she is SO sweet!

Unfortunately, we had to keep her separated from our fur-boys. 
All she wanted to do was play with them but, 
Cody gave her a wide berth and, 
Jack refuses to tolerate other dogs on his turf
and Lexi was no exception. 
He wanted to have her for dinner!! 
Too funny being that she's more than twice his size.

Anywhoo, Lexi became sketch #34 of 75 pen/ink sketches.

Let me state right here and now that 
I haven't done this beautiful girl justice.
In reality, she is slimmer in the cheek areas of her face. 

Pencil-free sketch in A6 Moleskine pocket sketchbook 
using ZIG Millennium and Micron pens.

Despite my tiredness, 
we are planning a movie night and, 
no doubt, I'll fall asleep at the crucial point.
Just love it when that happens...NOT!

Enjoy your weekend!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. wow another great sketch - of a canine beauty! She came out very well didint she!! did you manage to see the end of the movie? I've been feeling so tired this week and sleeping lots, maybe its the change in the seasons or the temps> not sure! have a great weekend!

  2. Serena, you've captured tons of personality with this sketch! It's beautiful.

  3. Your sketch of Lexie is great. Her eyes look incredible.

    I hope you made it through the movie!

  4. size does not matter at all with dogs lol i have seen a little chihuahua be the boss of a huge great dane which was terrified of the little dog :p

  5. Awwww....

    She reminds me of my daughter's dog. It's a beautiful drawing.

  6. She is gorgeous and your have done a beautiful job of her eyes... she looks like quite a sweet girl... Mushu has no clue he is a small dog either... In fact i think he has no clue he is actually a dog most of the time...xx

  7. It's nice to see your art again and such a lovely sketch!

  8. really nice sketch of lexi. she was absolutely exhausted when we got her home xo

  9. really nice sketch of lexi. she was absolutely exhausted when we got her home xo

  10. You did a great job of capturing Lexi! Nice work with the short hair too. Congrats on finishing your sketchbook.

  11. aw ... Lexi is a cutie! Love the one flopped ear, which she probably gets from her AmStaff dna, the upright from her Shepherd dna.