Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 26 - AEDM & Nablopomo - Turtle Dove

The day has just flown by and, 
being that I'm feeling quite tired, 
I'm just going to post and run.

#57 of 75 pen/ink sketches 

A turtle dove

Pencil-free sketch in A6 Moleskine pocket sketchbook
using ZIG Millennium and Micron pens.

Credit for the reference image I used goes to Arno Meintjes at Flickr.
Thank you, Arno.

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~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. love the turtle dove! sounds like it was comforting news from the doctor.

  2. You captured the look of those sweet little doves so beautifully! I came straight home from school, took a bath and put on my pajamas. It's been rainy and dark all day. I really would have liked to have stayed home the whole day. :) Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  3. Another lovely and well done pen and ink ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on Blogger ^_^

  4. Glad everything went well with the doctor.

    Beautiful turtle dove... perfect for the season. Can't wait to see the partridge in the pear tree! :-)

  5. or the French hens ;)

    Wonderful drawing.

  6. Wow what an amazing drawing! I especially like any art with birds so this is just the ticket :D

  7. Serena - beautiful sketch and congratulations by the way on your new granddaughter!

  8. wonderful drawing... and amazing that you managed to fit it in despite a big day...xx