Saturday, 14 November 2020

AEDM - Day 14 - A trip to an Animal Sanctuary

No sketches today but I do have some photos from our trip today! 

Beau, my son, took his brother Brad and me to the Happily Heifer After Farm Animal Sanctuary at the Sunshine Coast. It was a two hour trip to get there so it was a full-on day as we were there for a few hours and we didn't get home until late afternoon. The people were so lovely and we got the grand tour. 

Just a few of many photos taken from our special day. 

Bradley feeding Pumpkin, the orphaned piglet
Check out that blissful look on little Pumpkin's face

 Beau with Luna (red calf) and Evie

Bradley patting Billy the Rooster

Me and Brad with Wilma, the Friesian cow

Beau and Brad with Rocky the Friesian 

Me with Rocky the Friesian

Me, Brad and Beau with Friesian mama, Jackie

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I will be back tomorrow with more pics and a sketch of an animal from the sanctuary. We had such an amazing day!

After leaving the sanctuary we went to the Bombay Bliss Indian Restaurant for a late lunch.  We do love curries!

I had the Vegan Vegetable Jalfrezi curry (tomato base and chilli hot) 
served with rice

The boys both ordered the Vegan Saag Aloo curry which is potatoes and spinach cooked in a variety of curry spices, also served with rice. Brad went for chilli hot and Beau went with the mild heat.

The food was authentic and so delicious! 
I would definitely go there again.

Until tomorrow...

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. Your photos look so NORMAL, Serena. Reminds me before COVID when we weren't required to wear masks everywhere and when we could actually go OUT to eat, rather than use take out. You are SO lucky to live where you do.

    I really enjoyed the name of the animal farm. George Orwell couldn't have come up with anything better. It's amazing how many different breed of cattle there are. I can't wait to see which animal caught your eye for tomorrow's art.

    I'm a vegetarian, so your vegan food sounded SO good. A bit hot for me, perhaps, but you chose some really good looking dishes.

  2. How lovely to spend time at an animal sanctuary. Thank goodness for places like that. Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines -- we've had it the past 2 Fridays when we've gone out.

  3. Such wonderful photos Serena!
    Before Covid, I volunteered at a local animal rescue every weekend. As I have an autoimmune disease, I haven't been able to go for months. I miss it so much.
    The curry looks good too, although I would go for something less hot.
    Alison xx
    P.S. I totally approve of Brad's choice of t-shirt, I love Pink Floyd :-)

  4. what a great visit to meet the animals :)

  5. That looks like a fabulous day out, and we love curries, had a wonderful one in Adelaide many years ago.

  6. Love the photos of Mom doing things with Sons. Really enjoyed seeing them. Being a mom of four adult guys I love when I get to go out with them somewhere. It doesn't happen often because now three of them live far away. Beautiful photos!!

  7. What a lovely place to visit. Those animals are so lucky to get to live there and have such great care. That pig does look like he's in heaven. Animals have such personalities when they aren't just fighting for survival. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Ohhh such a nice time and you have sunshine too. You are beautiful. I am so glad I now have your face. Your boys are both very handsome. I like the had that Brad is wearing. Mr. M. has one very similar. The food looks delish. I was a vegan for 20 years. Then when lupus hit me like a ton of rocks, no one knew how to cook for me, especially the hospital. So this food really does look good to me. Be safe and enjoy your day.

  9. What a fabulous day's outing Serena. Your boys are lovely and its obvious how much you enjoyed each others' company. Love that contented face on the pumpkin! Yum, the curry looks good indeed xx

  10. What a wonderful visit! So nice to see you all out and about together. Looks like your lunch was delicious. (Probably too hot for me--LOL!) You guys are so lucky to be able to be out and about without masks on. What a great day! :)

  11. I love these pictures sooooo much! The curry looks fantastic!!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment on my alignment problem, Serena. Actually, I had never so much as noticed Paragraph Mode before. I have always worked in Normal Mode. I'm actually trying to LEFT align. There are days no matter what I try, it won't allow me anything EXCEPT center align, no matter how many times I click on the left align button found under More Options.

    I'm a dufus. I didn't even notice your son's tee until Alison pointed it out. In my profile, I admit I'm also a fan of Pink Floyd.