Sunday, 15 November 2020

AEDM - Day 15 - Trotsky the pig

This is Trotsky, a senior pig at the sanctuary we visited. He is 8 years old and so darned cute! I'm disappointed in this sketch as I rushed it and it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.  I may play a bit more with him tomorrow as I hesitate to call it finished. 

I started with a rough free-hand pencil sketch

Then a first layer of watercolours mapping out his different areas of colour

For now, he will have to do but I don't feel like I did him justice 

Meet the real Trotsky. 
He's so sweet and loves people!

Trotsky was raised by a family but sadly, earlier this year, they decided they didn't want him anymore and he was surrendered to the animal pound. Thankfully, he ended up at Happily Heifer After Sanctuary. 

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I have fallen behind with comments on other AEDM blogs but I promise to catch up with all the ones I have missed. 

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. Looks finished to me, it's fabulous. He looks so cute.

  2. Trotsky is adorable! I think your sketch looks amazing. And he is one contented looking pig in that photo.

  3. He's gorgeous, looks quite a character! Great sketch too.

  4. ahh glad he was "saved" to a better place. great sketch.

  5. You've caught his charm so well Serena!

  6. I am so glad he was saved he is just adorable and you created a masterpiece of a tribute to him. Enjoy your day.

  7. Trotsky is adorable and I personally think you captured him beautifully. I even like the shading. It's a great entry Serena.

    Thanks for offering to help with my blogger problem. After I couldn't get the tool icon to work, I immediately tried adding it from my layout in my dashboard. Great minds think alike, but Blogger isn't cooperating. I'm hoping it's something that can be corrected easily by Blogger, but I know I have never been able to leave a message for them that they actually receive.

  8. I think you did him justice! So cute. :)

  9. I just saw your comment about templates. Since mine is a custom template with my own background and two sidebars, I hadn't considered that they are trying to force me into their "new and improved" templates, too. If I didn't have SO much invested in my blog, I'd go to a different platform. Thanks for your concern.

  10. people forget pigs ca live a long time, shame they gave him up but at least the furry pig still has a home at the sanctuary 😀