Friday, 27 November 2020

AEDM - Day 27 - Pina Colada

 Hi everyone, 

It's cards night at my sister's place tonight 
and that means Pina Colada cocktails! YUM!

We only have a couple of these delicious cocktails early on in the evening 
so the alcohol is well and truly out of my system by the time we head home, 
usually between 1am and 2am.

So that's what I sketched for AEDM today. 

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I'm sure you all remember the song called Escape? 
It became known more as The Pina Colada Song. 

It's a story of a couple who were both tired of their relationship, 
and decided to look elsewhere, only to discover
that they were meant for each other. 

WOW!! Only 3 days to go! 

See you tomorrow...

Love, Light and Peace to All.


  1. Lovely sketch, love the delicate painting.

  2. I am so in awe of this, the way the straw bends and how subtlety the shadow reaches out on the page. This is a gem, Serena.

  3. Yuuu your sketch truly looks like I can take it off the page and have a refreshing drink. Who won at cards?

  4. Fabulous, and my favourite cocktail!

  5. made me think "vacation". Beautiful art once more!

  6. Mmmmmm.... that looks good enough to drink! Have a fab time playing cards!!

  7. Hope you had fun at card night. :)
    I forgot what this song was about--LOL!

  8. That pina colada looks delicious. I have a hard time getting glasses of anything to look very realistic. Yours is fantastic.Hope all is well.