Sunday, 29 November 2020

AEDM - Day 29 - Older sketches

Hi everyone, 

We are at the start of a heatwave this week so I think the new air-conditioning will be getting a workout in the days ahead. 

Today, (two of my sons) Beau, Brad, and I visited my 85 year old Mum. I usually take a hot lunch and today it was vegan pies/pasties and hot chips/fries. Afterwards, we all played Yahtzee, one of Mum's favourite games and then we sat in the lounge-room and chatted over a cuppa.

It's been a big day and I can't stop yawning. I wasn't up to sketching but I thought I'd share some photos of some of my older sketches.

I sketched this one for an art prompt - Spicy - back in 2018. 
A flavour of Mexico and it just had to be a chihuahua, right?

A Siamese Fighting fish aka Betta fish 
sketched for INKtober 2017 using only inks

A rabbit sketched on tan-toned paper for INKtober 2017 
using pen and inks

A black swan sketched on grey-toned paper for INKtober 2017, 
also in pen and inks

An Aussie Magpie sketched on grey-toned paper 
for INKtober 2017 - black and white inks.

And some people I sketched in watercolours 
for Sktchy - an art community I belong to. 
These were done back in 2016.

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The last day of AEDM is tomorrow. 
It sure came around fast.
See you then. 

Love, Light and Peace to All.


  1. A wonderful set of your work, I especially love the one of the better fish, beautifully done. Oh yes and the rabbit, swan and magpie.
    Have a relaxing day.

  2. My favorite is the Black Swan. I have a thing for them, since they are not seen here in the states, except in zoos. Of course, I also enjoyed the chihuahua, too. Great choices and perfect when time is short.

  3. Wow! Your sketches are all beautiful Serena! You have a wonderful talent.
    Sadly my autoimmune condition won't go away, I'll have to take immunosuppressant medication to keep it in check forevermore. Not great in a pandemic.
    Keep cool!
    Alison xox

  4. These are so worth a second look, or in my case, a first look. Gorgeous pieces Serena. You are very very talented. And sounds like a good visit with your Mom too.

  5. lol, we obviously have something in common. Fruits on the run. :) :)
    Love all sketches today. I have not seen a TABASCO bottle in years. I used to have one but that was long ago.
    Loved to see the Black swan and Magpie, birds I did see in Queensland.
    Your portraits are gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing. See you tomorrow.

  6. Lovely, lovely sketches! The black swan is gorgeous. Such fun to see them all. :)

  7. Love all the sketches but my favourite is the black swan and the rabbit