Sunday, 22 November 2020

AEDM - Day 22 - Pelican

I love all birds but Pelicans definitely rate in my top 3. 

A couple of years ago, we got up in the wee hours to drive to The Spit at the Gold Coast to watch the sunrise — an hours drive there. I was so happy to see a pelican there early, most likely to catch his/her breakfast. Thought you might like to see some of the pics I took.

Below is the same pelican in the image above 
after the sun had fully risen. 
He/she let me get quite close.

I sketched a Pelican for AEDM today. 

I did a rough freehand sketch with graphite pencil first, 
then followed with watercolours and a bit of white gouache.

To see what the other participants did for today, click HERE.

8 days to go! 
It's going by quite quickly. 
I will be back tomorrow with another sketch. 

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. Fantastic drawing and photographs. I remember standing near some water but with our backs to it. Suddenly there was a very loud thumping noise and we hardly dared to look to see what it was. It was three pelicans belly flopping onto the water.

  2. Pelicans are lots of fun to watch. None here in New Hampshire, but when I have been south I have had some very enjoyable moments watching them. I'm with you. They are pretty fascinating. And really nice sketch for art everyday month today. Hope your weekend went (is going) well.

  3. I like how you shared photos of the trip to the beach and of the pelican. It's amazing how "tame" it appeared to be. Your drawing complimented the photos perfectly. This is a real gem, Serena.

  4. Wonderful photos Serena, and I love your beautiful pelican sketch!
    Alison x

  5. lol, I almost expected a pelican today. :) Such a beautiful place. I would love to walk on that pier and beach. Wonderful!
    Love your pelican drawing.

  6. Love pelicans. A flock flies over head everyday. Well most days and up coast I can see them on the beach. Your drawing is fantastic!!! Enjoy your day.

  7. Nice it let you get so close for a photo! Great sketch, as usual. How beautiful there at dawn. :)