Friday, 20 November 2020

AEDM - Day 20 - Plover Family

Years ago, I was known by the local kids as 'The Plover Lady' because, each year, when the plovers had their babies I constantly came to their defence against cruel kids who got a kick out of harming them.

When I'd hear the plover parents giving out their loud destressed warning calls, I'd jump in my car and drive around to make sure they were okay.  I had run-ins with kids on more than one occasion. I was on Plover Patrol each year when they had their chicks until, thankfully, those mean kids moved out of our street.

Plovers can be quite protective of their babies even though they inadvertently put them in dangerous situations, such as, in the middle of a busy street. They will swoop at people passing by but never make contact, unlike magpies. I guess this is why certain kids like to take them on.  Plovers are a protected species here and it is illegal to harm them. 

Those who have been following my blog will know all about the Masked Lapwing Plover family in my area this year. The parents started out with 4 chicks which dwindled down to 1 surviving chick

Not a great photo because I was taking it through a window. There are actually 2 chicks in this pic. One is tucked under the mother's tummy. Another chick was off to the side and not in the photo so they were down to three chicks at that stage. Plovers don't make the best parents and they often lose their chicks to predators, injury from humans (kids), or cars. So, not long after this photo was taken, they got down to just one surviving chick. Then I noticed they suddenly disappeared from the area. No more daily walks past my house so I thought the last chick must have died too. I was so sad about it.

Then, about a week ago, I was thrilled to see the plovers again with their last surviving chick in tow...not dead after all. YAY! It has now grown to about 3/4 the size of the parents and I think it can fly so reasonably safe from harm now. 

So, I decided to sketch a plover family for AEDM today. 

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Ten days to go....

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. Those poor parents and babies. That is plain horrible what those kids would do. I think I would drive around also and do the same thing. But the good news is this set has a baby who made it. Nice journal sketch today, especially now that I know the story.

  2. I love your sketch. We have a different species of plover here in New Jersey. They are on the decline and are protected too. They have to rope off nesting areas on the dunes because the "nest" are really just a little indentation in the sand and totally out in the open. Between being stepped on, run over by beach vehicles, or eaten by predators they are very threatened. Glad you chase the kids away from yours!

  3. A fabulous sketch, they look a bit like penguins on long legs. Here in the UK ours are very different, and I haven't seen one for ages. Kids can be really cruel, I just don't understand some of them, it must be how they are brought up.

  4. I had NO idea what a plover was, but you have done not only a great job drawing them, you have come to their aid and defense, too. That speaks so much to your character, dear Serena. Good for you, dear.

  5. I get so mad when I hear of any creature being mistreated! Well done you for coming to the plovers' aid.
    Your sketch is beautiful, I'm so pleased to hear that the chick had survived.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Alison xx

  6. Oh,Serena! I am so happy to hear that!! And to see your drawing of the little family. That made my day. :)