Thursday, 19 November 2020

AEDM - Day 19 - Purple Turtle and my art studio

Firstly, I want to thank you all for the lovely comments regarding my cat, Kya. I plan to answer each comment but time seems to get away from me these a good way though. I'm so happy to be sketching again!

After a hectic morning, the day flew by and, I found myself sketching this turtle at 7:30pm. I took the photo under artificial lighting so not the best. I prefer to take photos with as much natural light as possible.

Sketched with black ink pen, coloured pencils, and coloured ballpoints.

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I thought you might like to see my current art workspace. 
My studio has had numerous spots throughout the house 
over the years but I think I like this spot best. 
This is also where I sit to write snail mail letters 
as well as work in my bullet journal.

I painted the artwork on all the walls and you may note that today's sketch 
was inspired by the turtle paintings I did some years ago. 

I LOVE that six drawer handy for storing large sketchbooks/papers! 
The top three drawers are more shallow than the bottom three.
I store my fountain pen inks in one of the deeper drawers.

This long shelf unit where the Buddha sits is also used for art supplies. The towel on the table in the centre of my studio is where Kya likes to lie and watch me work. She is there right now as I type this.  A lot of times she will fall off to sleep. The centre table and desk come in handy when I need more surface space for bigger projects or for when I drag my sewing machine out to make, alter, or repair items.

What I also like about my studio being in this area is that my bedroom 
is right beside it. Through that open doorway, in fact.

And that's all for today, friends. 

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. I love the minimalist look of your house. If I lived alone that is how my house would be as well. Mr. M. saves everything. Not junk or garbage, he is not a hoarder, but he like "things" LOL The 6 drawer unit is excellent. I really like your little turtle. You have a wonderful eye for color. Enjoy your day.

  2. You have a lovely workspace Serena, and your turtle is beautiful!
    Alison x

  3. love your turtle. :)
    I amazed your studio looks so tidy and clean. It´s beautiful. Nothing like my messy space :)

  4. LOVE the turtle. And your studio is beautiful. It is so white and neat! Nice job. Mine is an assorted hodgepodge and very full. But no complaints from me about that. Thanks for sharing. Hugs-Erika

  5. I love that IKEA six drawer unit, too! Your studio is just perfect. So light and airy.
    And your turtle is great, too. So glad I got to see the whole studio. Love it! :)

  6. Lovely turtle. You are fortunate to have such a nice, bright space for sketching, writing and journaling. :) Have a good weekend.

  7. I am so sorry for being so late visiting, Serena. I was SO sick night before last, I didn't even link up to AEDM for at least two hours. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to stop by and admire amazing your art today. I think your turtle is amazing. So beautiful. And I am in LOVE with your art studio. I wish I had something like that. You have such a great minimalist home. If I ever move, I'll probably do something similar. You have such a great eye, dear.