Monday, 23 November 2020

AEDM - Day 23 - Puffin - Work In Progress

Hi everyone, 

It's been a crazy busy day and I'm feeling totally exhausted so, for today, I have only managed a very rough graphite sketch of a Puffin. I plan to finish him up for tomorrow. 

Most mornings we go for a walk around the neighbourhood 
so thought I'd share a few pics of things we've seen along the way.

A local flock of corellas like to play in the park as we pass by.
Corellas are a sub-genus of the Australian White Cockatoo. 
Corellas look very similar — are smaller — and are missing the yellow crest.

The local council have already replaced the street lampshade once 
as the corellas seem to be fascinated with pulling the cover off. 
They unhinge it and then sit inside the light shade, 
until it ends up falling to the ground.

Below is part of our walking path which runs alongside a creek. 
Aaron is in front with his miniature poodle, Scarlett. 
Brad following behind.

A wallaby took great interest in watching us cross the bridge. 

A fallen nest possibly from a storm that had passed through 
days earlier

And the beauty below was actually discovered in my sister's garden shed a couple of months back. My sons, Beau and Aaron, came to the rescue and removed the carpet snake and released it in bushland nearby.  He/she was a fairly decent size — you can compare it to part of the garden hose seen in the lower left side of the pic. Snakes are a protected species here in Australia and, while we have some of the most venomous snakes in the world here, carpet snakes are fairly harmless.

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I will catch up again with fellow participants in the morning. 
This tired old lady is off to bed. 

Love, Light, and Peace to All.


  1. I absolutely love puffins, and I was thrilled to see some on a protected island here in the UK a couple of years ago. Your sketch is great, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished Serena.
    Great photos too, those birds are very cheeky, and the wallaby is so cute! The snake is a beauty, but I wouldn't like to see one in my shed.
    Alison x

  2. I'm sure Erika is going to LOVE the puffins, because she found some on an adventure last year. You are SO lucky to live so close to these beauties. I was in awe of your photos, too. I've never seen a wallaby before. And that bird nest is absolutely perfect. I've never seen one that has stood up so well, even after it was blown out of the tree. But that snake made me shudder. Glad your sons were able to corral it safely. Enjoy the rest of your day, dear.

  3. OK I love your art you already know that. The photos are great and I wish I could see a wallby, but that snake is BEAUTIFUL I am so glad you got a photo of it. Be safe out there.

  4. Oh puffins are fabulous and I can't wait to see the finished drawing. That is interesting about the corellas. Birds are so smart and silly sometimes. They are beauties. We don't get wild cockatoos here (parrots if you go way way south), but how fantastic to have these beauties wild. And to have a wallaby watch you walk by. Now I could skip the snake. I am glad he isn't harmed because I hate seeing any animal harmed, but I just assume not come across any. That is one big snake. Happy new week.

  5. this corella proves birds are intelligent. But why do they love it??
    You have a lot of weird animals around you. That snake looks gorgeous but I would not want it in my home.
    But I would not mind the puffin. Lovely birds and your sketch is great. :)

  6. I hope you got a lot of good sleep. Looking forward to seeing the puffin completed.
    Snakes--I'd let someone else deal with them. Those and spiders!
    The corella cracked me up with their use of the light cover. Birds are always curious. :)

  7. That's a mighty big snake, harmless or not. Yikes! Funny that the birds keep unhinging the street lights. Maybe it's time for someone to redesign them so they don't have to keep replacing them. Your puffin is going to be lovely, that I'm already sure of. Enjoy your walks. Mostly I encounter garbage and street cats on my routes. :/ Take care.