Friday, 20 November 2009

Parlour day

Today, Cody and Honey (my Mum's miniature poodle) had their day at the grooming parlour.

Honey - BEFORE

Honey - AFTER


Cody - AFTER

Okay, stop laughing! I think Cody looks so much cuter with his longer coat but, in this hot, humid climate, a shorter cut is a necessity...especially after his close call on Tuesday night. In two weeks time he will start to look cute again. He's getting to be quite the little tubby though and we really need to stop giving him so many treats but it's so hard to say no to those big, brown eyes pleading for just a morsel....and then another.....and then another.

Love, light and peace


  1. They're both beautiful! I used to have a sweet Shih Tzu named Maggie. Whenever I got her 'trimmed' she would scurry across the room and quickly sit down as if she was embarrassed her butt was exposed for all to see. So cute and funny!
    Have a great weekend Serena!

  2. Serena -- It is so strange to hear you talk about the heat when it's rather cold where I'm at. My dog is now growing out her summer clip. She actually prefers to be a short haired dog and just loves getting clipped, but it's too cold now.

    As she a Catahoula mix, when you clip her, her skin is exactly the same color as her's weird!

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of both dogs and I'm glad they'll be happier and cooler:~)

  3. That would be enough of a scare to want him to shed some hair!

  4. i think he looks better trimmed actually but thats probably from working at the dog groomers for so long ;)

  5. Oh bless they are both truly scalped.
    You are so right, they both have the cutest eyes!

  6. Hi Serena,

    Both look so cute. Little Cody looks like my little Merlin. I had him groomed a while ago and his hair is short too. My Merlin is a chubby dubby too but after being in borading for over a month, he has lost some weight which is good.
    He does the same thing as Cody. He looks at us with his round brown eyes looking for a morsel of some sort even though he has eaten already.

  7. I actually like them both better with the shaggy look--hehe! But they will be so happy to be cooler. Karma is a chubby girl, too. She looks at me with pleading eyes, but if that doesn't work she threatens to knock over my coffee cup! ROFL! Cats have a different approach. :)

  8. I'm sure Honey and Cody will be much more comfortable with their new summer haircut. I keep Isabella cut short in the summer. Now that we're entering winter, I've let her grow out and she's all fluffy.

  9. Honey and Cody look so fashionable and cute.

  10. Oh those eyes get us every time! I used to have a little terrier (terror)who loved to get clipped. You wouldn't believe the attitude he had after being was like he had an alter ego who was just loved to strut his stuff!

  11. How adorable! Honey is definitely looking snazzy, and Cody is cute no matter what the cut! :)


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