Friday 13 November 2009

Mathew Brady - Australian Bushranger

Yesterday, Aaron had to do an oral presentation for his class as part of his assignment on an Australian Bushranger. The kids were awarded extra points if they dressed up in character for their presentation so I thought I'd share a pic of Aaron, as Australian Bushranger, Mathew Brady.

Times were obviously very tough in England back in the 1800's. You certainly wouldn't want to find yourself hungry with no money for food because, if you stole a loaf of bread, you would be charged, labelled a convict, then put on a ship bound for the penal settlements of Australia where you would be forced into hard labour for many years. The conditions were harsh and punishments were many. Young men would make many attempts to escape and, those who were successful, usually ended up being known as Bushrangers. Ned Kelly was a very famous Aussie Bushranger but I was surprised to find that there were many others.

Mathew Brady became well known for his good manners and politeness towards women. He claimed that the authorities were the real criminals and a lot of the settlers held him in high esteem. You can read more of his story here - Mathew Brady


Today was fairly quiet on the home-front. I did some work on the crocheted vest I'm making for Michelle. I also bought some new cushion covers as I've been feeling like I need a change of colour scheme in my lounge room. The furniture and decor have been mismatched for far too long. Actually, there will be big changes coming soon as I'm moving my art studio from the garage into the house. That's the current plan anyways. I figure with my studio right under my nose, I might just get some painting done. Michelle is going to help me throughout the process....there will be a lot of purging and de-cluttering too. More on that later ~

Love, light and peace


  1. I think I'd need to actually glue my pencils to my hands before I'd get any work done. My studio is in my living room and it hasn't gotten me drawing of late.

    I'm thinking on trying some plasticine art. I was looking at stuff done by Barbara Reid and it looks like it would be fun to loosen things up.

  2. oooh goodie goodie...somebody else doing it too... and getting things the colours and the way they like 'em..... I'm loving my new look in the three rooms I am still working on....I'll be starting to paint cupboard doors and drawer fronts later today.. it may take a week and even then I'll be painting the louvered bits once we re-hang them... I've discovered it's easier to paint louvers in an upright position.

  3. So interesting about the bushrangers! And how exciting that you are moving your art studio into the house...good luck purging. But getting rid of the stuff will bring you more creative energy. Woo! Hoo!

  4. Hi Mum,

    That picture of Aaron dressed as Matthew Brady looks really, really good! You've done a great post!

    Love Brad!

  5. Aaron looks great :D I'm going to have to read over that link tomorrow, interesting to know more about history :)

  6. I have been saying this for years and still believe that some of the people at the top who start wars and use power to make misery still.

    Good for these great guys who got to live life and share goodness!

  7. I love that photo of Aaron! The Austalian settlers sound a lot more interesting than our original American settlers- the Puritans..LOL

  8. Aaron looks great! I saw two different movie versions on Ned Kelly. Australia had a wild beginning. Ours wasn't too peaceful in the U.S., either. History always seems to be interesting and bloody and unfair. :)

    Wow! Moving your art sutdio into the house!! Good for you! Can hardly wait to see how you set up indoors and comfortable and handy. :):) Awesome!