Monday 9 November 2009


Today, we took the bus to South Brisbane as Bradley had a specialist appointment. It threatened to rain most of the day but thankfully it didn't, however, the pictures turned out a little grey due to it being so overcast. I think we had the same type of day last time we visited Southbank. We arrived early at the hospital so we went for a nice walk down to the Southbank Parklands....the Bougainvillea trellis was in full bloom this time around.

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On the other side of this trellis, the road was bordered with Poinciana trees in full bloom. Such a gorgeous burst of colour and they make fabulous shade trees in summer!

We walked across the Good Will Bridge which is a pedestrian/cyclist bridge. It opened in October of 2001 to coincide with the Good Will games held here in Brisbane.

A view of the Brisbane River from the Good Will Bridge.

This pigeon landed just below us as I took the photo above so I took a pic of him/her too. I loved the purple and green markings around its neck. It almost looks like he/she is contemplating jumping in, doesn't it?

When we arrived at the other side of the river, I spotted some Moreton Bay (Banyan) Fig trees. I've always loved their gianormous roots which have been known to break through city streets causing a bit of a dilemma in some cases. These trees are native to the Eastern coast of Australia though New Zealand and Hawaii cultivated them to the point where they are naturalised there now.

The Captain Cook Bridge crosses above the Good Will Bridge so I thought I'd grab a pic from underneath it.

Sadly, there was an ugly side too. I can't stand people who litter! There are rubbish bins everywhere and, even if there aren't, WHY do they think it's okay to throw their rubbish into parklands and rivers?!! The picture below was taken looking down at the river's edge from the Good Will Bridge. Litterbugs, please have some consideration for wildlife and nature......there is no time take your rubbish home with you! Shame on you!

Love, light and peace


  1. Gorgeous pictures Serena. Sad to see that littering has become a way of life every where.

  2. o.0 that trellis is gorgeous! a lovely burst of colour to walk by.

    the fig tree is so interesting looking reminds me a lot of the trees in fairy tales :)

    thanks for posting your photos :D

  3. Beautiful scenery. We have the same type of flowers here in my neighbourhood but they bloom like that in October. Funny thing this Earth planet. :D

  4. BEAUTIFUL pics Serena! I especially love the trellis!
    And I agree on the litter....Just today on my way to work were 2 Subway sandwich bags right on the street, just a few feet away from the nice little garbage can on the edge of the park!
    I sometimes complain about the trash pit that is my son's car, but I guess I'd rather have him keep his mess in there than roll the window down and toss it out just anywhere.
    Have a good day!

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful city! I hate people who litter, too. Why is it some of us see the beauty all around us and want to preserve it, and others simply see a place to throw their trash?

  6. These shots are so beautiful - I love seeing the different plants and amazing blooms. We plan on visiting Australia sometime in the next few years so I'm intrigued by it all. I'm happy to hear that you're finally feeling better too Serena - that was such a long haul of yuckiness for you.

  7. Lovely pictures! My favorite is the first, the bougainvillea trellis!

    I, too, have never understood why people litter. I mean, how hard is it to hold onto trash rather than tossing it?


  8. Beautiful pictures!

    That tree is incredible. Would make an interesting piece of art work.

  9. people... they ruin every good thing... well, some of them do that's for sure.

    love the beautiful bougainvillea fence... what a show!

  10. I don't understand people who litter, either! What a beautiful trip and gorgeous blooms. Especially nice to see as it is turning brown my way--hehe! :):)

  11. Serena -- While I loved all the pictures, my favorites were the Bougainvillea trellis, which is sensational in the large version; the pigeon, who looks like he's showing off and the Moreton Bay Fig Trees...they are cool.

    How do you live with yourself having so many talents? I am amazed at all the creative things you do every time I visit:~)

  12. I HATE people who litter! It is just plane LAZY! It makes me so sad to see the amount of rubbish there is everywhere.

    Great pics Mum!

  13. Your photos are gorgeous! The first two are so beautiful and that tree near the bottom is like nothing I've ever seen! It looks mystical.

  14. That does it. I'll be there soon. I can't wait to see you.



  15. Littering is such an unnecessary blight -- why people are so careless and thoughtless is beyond me. Do they toss trash inside their homes? Ugh!

    However, your photographs are beautiful...what a delightful area and I'm in awe of the roots on those fig trees!! wow!!!