Monday 2 November 2009


Hey.....I'm actually on time with Photo Monday this week! YAY!

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Cody is modelling a little beanie that Aaron made some time he adorable or what???!!! Is it any wonder this furry little monster has me wrapped around his little paw? I love him to pieces!!!

Michelle, if you're reading this post, you may want to skip past the next pic as I know you have a serious phobia about.......GECKOS! This little guy was hanging out on the siding of our front foyer roof last night so, not one to miss a photo opportunity, I quickly ran for the camera. He was pretty high up so this was as close as I could reach....check out those teensy, weensy claws.


Can you believe it's November already?!
I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet, have you?

Love, light and peace


  1. Happy November, Serena!! Cute little lizard there...I like his eyes and the shape of his head!

    Cody is the cutest little sugar doggy ever, in that little beenie! I can see why you are so in LOVE!!!!!

    Oh...and P.S.....NOOOOO I haven't thought about Christmas shopping!!! LOLOL!!! No way!

  2. Cody is adorable!!

  3. Cool gecko! I do the same thing - run for the camera whenever something appears out of the ordinary or my cat is looking particularly cute.

    And your doggie is so cute! I can totally understand why he has you wrapped around his little paw!!


  4. Such eensy weensy fingers -- or toes? And I can totally understand how that little puppy has you wrapped around his little paw :)

    I just started working on Christmas stuff this week... scary that it's right around the corner. But I'm trying to stay present, because the last thing I want is a panicked Christmas season.

    And I'd love, love, love for you to participate in the pay it forward! It will be so cool to send something all the way to Australia :)

  5. Cute puppers! Love the little hat! I can tell in your post, or at least I hope so, that you are feeling better?

  6. Cute pic of Codie :)

    That pic of the gecko still gave me shivers. I had already scrolled to far down before reading the warning. They are soooo creapy!!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Meredith - YAY! I'm happy to be able to participate!

    Darla - Yes, thanks....I'm feeling so much better now. Hopefully, things will return to normal now and I can get some art done. :)

    Michelle - Well, I think they're cute...hehehehe

  8. Little Cody is so cute! I can't wait to see my little Merlin when I get back home. I am going to smother him with kisses! :)

  9. that is indeed the sweetest little face..... I wish I could figure out how to make one just like Cody.... somehow...... hmmmmmm

  10. I never thought about a hat for a dog--so cute! I LOVE geckos! Think they are sooo cute! And they eat a lot of bugs, too--hehe! I didn't know you had those, too, down there. :):)

  11. I'm so in love with Cody I cannot tell you :) xx