Sunday 22 November 2009

My son is officially a fighter.....

....and I'm torn. While I'm excited and happy that Reece is enjoying this new a mother, I can't help but worry about his safety and also the safety of his opponents.

Last night, Reece had his first official MMA (mixed martial arts) fight in a Fight World Cup Tournament held at the south coast twice a year. His opponent tapped out (submitted) in the very first round and Reece brought home this huge trophy. We are all very proud of him!

However, I AM a pacifist and have never been a supporter of boxing/cage-fighting sports and now, my son is actually doing it....YIKES!!! As much as I am against these types of his mother, I feel the need to support Reece and just keep praying that all will be well.

I can sense A LOT of nervous, nail-biting moments coming up on fight nights in the future.

Love, light and peace


  1. OMG! I know that I, personally, couldn't even attend the actual fights! But if this is what he really loves to do--yup!--I'd have to be supportive, too. How hard is all this going to be? OMG! But our children are individuals and have different interests and goals--and have to walk their own paths--but OMG! *long pacifist shudder*

    The only thing I can think of is that fighting is a younger man's game, so he won't be doing it his whole life--whew! And, apparently, he is good at what he wants to do. Keep praying! :):)

  2. I don't think I could watch the fights! I'd be a mess!

  3. Serena I can sooo identify with your quandry of being torn. Sometimes it's really hard to just let our grown kids follow their own dreams and know that their path may not be our path...and not only be at peace with that, but be proud of their choices and accomplishments.

    Oh, is there no end to the learning!! LOL!

  4. Yikes, that is a hard one..I don't like this mma stuff, however I was the one at the bullfight in Spain many years ago cheering on the bull..being a Mom is a tough job..good luck..

  5. I feel for you as a Mom, Serena! It would really kill me also, to watch my son fight! Best wishes in his future endeavors (and your mental health)!!! :)

  6. Yeah, I'd be a nervous wreck.

    Is it creepy if I say that your son is very good looking? I won't say it if it is. I like guys my own age.

  7. Take more pictures of his beautiful face....there's bound to be some broken noses....

    my brother was Canadian Wrist Wrestling champion in fly weight division back in the day.... he was in great shape too.. he still is... as far as strength goes... can still take guys half his age actually ... ... but, he is suffering with some problems now from overdoing things for too many years....

    good luck to Reece in his endeavours.... I'm not a pacifist... I'm more the jump in with both fists and feet flying ...when need be... of course, nowadays I'd most likely get hurt...but, if I see something happening that I don't like...I won't care... it just happens.... I wish I knew some martial arts... I guess it's not too late to learn a few things... my nephew is black belt karate... maybe he could teach me a thing or three......

  8. Thank you all for understanding my perspective as Reece's mother.

    Rita - Thanks for your wise words and I fully agree. Mind you, another fighter from Reece's fight club had his first fight on Saturday and he is over 40! YIKES!!! It went into the third round but he won his fight too.

    Sandy - That's why I stayed home and just waited by the phone for news. Reece does expect me to go to see him fight next year though....I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess.

    Kate - that is so true. we are always learning as parents.

    Bettyann - Being a bit of an animal crusader, I would have been cheering the bull on too.

    Jason - Of course it's not creepy and thanks for the compliment. You're right, I was very nervous on Saturday. We didn't go to the fight because I just couldn't but we were on tenterhooks waiting to hear the results.

    Vee, don't get me wrong, if it came down to me witnessing something wrong or my family is in jeopardy, any pacifism would go right out the window. I'm quite and shy by nature and I generally have to pushed a lot...but look out when someone pushes me too far. In Reece's case though, I'm a pacifist in that I have never supported this type of fighting which puts me in a bit of a moral quandary....though now it looks like I don't really have a choice. lol Would you believe I've never heard of wrist-wrestling but I'm definitely going to google it. WTG for your bro!

  9. Congratulations to him. I to am not a great fan of sports like these. I can understand your quandary.

  10. congrats to Reece! really hard to deal with seeing someone you love willingly go into a fight but you are doing the right thing by being supportive :)

  11. Pass on my congrats to Reece :-) Being a martial artist in Sakura Ryu JuJitsu for 4 years, I learnt that it is not all about fighting or for me personally, self defense ... there are many good qualities that are learnt in this discipline ... honour, integrity, loyalty, humility & above all respect. If he is part of a good club (and I highly recommend the club founded by Chief Instructor Shihan Reg Ellis, Capalaba PCYC) he will learn all these things not only to fight well. My respects to him. cheers, Maria

  12. Vee - Aaaahhhh, wrist wrestling is pretty much what I've always known as arm wrestling. Reece and his mates love to wrist/arm wrestle!

  13. WOW! Congrats to Reece! Winning a trophy so early in his MMA fighting career is spectacular!

    I understand your dilemma; what mother would enjoy her child placing him/herself in an arena, but he is obviously loving every moment of this, and that is a blessing. :)

  14. Wow those muscles!! :) :) :)

    Serena I get what you feel about the fighting. Boys will be boys though, and even though as mom you feel torn, its better to support him to follow his passion.