Thursday 26 November 2009

I'm all set!

Pigma pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook
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Just a quickie today as I've been feeling a little on the blah side. Anywhoo, I was recently inspired by this post over on Ricë's blog so I bought myself this beautiful planner/diary for next year. I can hardly wait to start disciplining myself into using it properly. Usually, I buy the A4 size which ends up sitting on my desk gathering dust like the rest of the ornaments. By March, I barely give it a glance and then, by June, I put it away in the cupboard as a lost cause....out of sight, out of mind. That won't happen with this baby because I deliberately bought the smaller A5 size so it will fit perfectly in my bag. So, it will be pretty much with me all the time and there will be no excuses for giving up on it this time around. I've always been a Page-A-Day fan and have never settled for anything less....well, ya just never know when I might have something to say. It also has a monthly planner which has one month to one page so I can check monthly appointments etc. at a glance. I'm going to be one organised woman come next year....I hope....

Love, light and peace


  1. I am all for being organized too but never manage it for an entire year. I love the journal drawings you've been doing.

  2. Hi Serena,
    that A5 book sounds like a fantastic idea.
    Yeah, I'd like to be more organised.
    I think I spend too much time in front of this screen. lol

  3. I just love the idea of "organizing" myself (and everyone else!) but I find it really difficult to do now that I don't "go out" to a job. When I was working I had a notebook that I wrote EVERYTHING in. Phone messages, thoughts, ideas, post it's...I jotted everything into it but I also had a daytimer and both were invaluable.

    Now I use Outlook on the computer and my husband (he's my reminder, lol!).

    It's just so satisfying to go into an office supply store and buy organizers, just the right pen for writing in it, post it's and anything else that looks like I can't live an organized life without. Now you know (one of) my weakness Serena!

  4. I just bought a new art journal the other day to try to do a page a day. It's small enough to bring around with me, but I've already stopped before I've started!

  5. Perhaps your word for 2010 should be organized??? Enjoy your planner...looks wonderful!

  6. I've been using a leather refillable calendar for about ten years. I'd be lost without my week at a glance--hehe! I keep track of birthdays, appointments, even when to change my water pitcher filter--hehe! Got it when I started college and have kept it up ever since. Much handier sitting next to my computer than the wall calendar I used to use. I have needed it more and more as my memory has lagged a bit over the years--hehe! Good luck! Yours looks lovely! :)

  7. Thanks, Kate. I feel like journaling and organising myself better are calling my name lately. I hope that I will change my bad habits with my new planner diary.

    Anna - I spend way too much time on the computer too. I will be doing some serious time management in the new year.

    Sandi - You've probably picked the wrong time of year to start a daily art journal. Maybe try again in the new year?? Any daily sketches done by you would be wonderful!

    Kate - All I need to do is discipline myself a bit better and I'm sure I can keep it up. I usually carry a few different notebooks with different agendas but now, I'm trying to consolidate them all into one.

    Caroline - Hey, that's not a bad idea! I really need to work on my time management skills which will also require 'organising' myself among other things.

    Rita, I'm finding that wall calendars are losing their appeal for me though I still mark everything up so the kids know what's what. However, the carry around planner will suit me a whole lot better.

  8. I am absolutely loving this sketchbook in progress. And I am starting to look at planners again, myself, hoping I'll become the organizational dynamo I imagine possible every single year... may you make huge strides with your decision to go a teeny bit smaller ;)