Tuesday 3 November 2009

Full Moon ceremony and Knitting

Lately, I've been getting into a habit of reading in bed each night before I go to sleep so, after finishing another chapter of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle last night around 9 PM, it was time for lights out. At around 10:30 PM, I suddenly jolted upright with a knowing that it was a Full Moon night. I quickly jumped out of bed, checked the Australian Government Geo-Science website just to be sure and it was confirmed.....the night had gifted us with a beautiful full moon DownUnder. So I gathered up my tools for my Earth Healing ritual, and made my way outside. The full moon was bright and clear, claiming centre stage in the night sky with not a cloud to be seen. I ceremoniously laid out my tools - a clay disc to represent Mother Earth, a green candle to represent Nature, two rose quartz gems to help in sending love and healing to the Earth, and a Buddha bell to signal the beginning and end of my prayer meditation. I felt a sense of hopefulness as I meditated for a while on sending love and healing to the Earth. After the ceremony, I went back to bed feeling in a very positive and happy mindset. There is still a lot of good in this world.


Today, I did some alterations to a pair for board shorts for Beau, then later, taught Brad how to knit a flat piece on a circular loom. I confess that I did look up the directions on Google and I found this link on YouTube to be the most helpful.

The scarf Brad wants to make is now under way

I hope to get my Artist's Way post up tomorrow so stay tuned...

Love, light and peace


  1. There is still a lot of good in this world. You are part of it! :D

    Cool knitting!

  2. How wonderful that you take the time to do this on a full moon!
    It's people like YOU that make this world a better place♥
    Nice knitting too!

  3. Way to go getting out of bed like that to celebrate the full moon! Inspiring!

  4. Your full moon ceremony sounds lovely. It was a beautiful, giant orb as it rose last night. So bright and full of promise!


  5. I noticed the full moon last night. It was beautiful!

  6. the moon was huge and so bright I was in awe the other night.

  7. How lovely that we see the same beauty from different parts of the world. We are truely blessed.
    Look forward to seeing the scarf.

  8. I agree, you are part of the good in this world! :):) Sounds like a peaceful, lifting ceremony.

    I have never seen a round knitting loom. Wow! I hope Brad won't mind showing us a picture when he's done with the scarrf. :)