Thursday 19 November 2009

My new art space so far....

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for your care and concern regarding Cody's ordeal. Thankfully he is doing much better. I have him booked in for a summer clip tomorrow so I'm sure he will feel a lot cooler after that is over with.

Michelle came over again today and we worked through more of the stuff in the garage sorting things to be recycled and things that need dumped. We made one trip to the local dump and recycling station already....and more to go. I'm hoping to give away a lot of unpainted wood pieces and decorative art magazines that I no longer use through Freecycle. I can't believe how much in the way of art supplies I have accumulated over the years!

Here is my new art space so far. Sorry that pics aren't that great. I took them late afternoon and the lighting wasn't the best indoors. I can't wait to get the garage finished so I can actually sit down and do some painting in my new space.

Remember you can click on any image to enlarge it.


  1. Oh so cool!
    I love your space. It all looks so organized and inspiring!

    Love the green too!
    May you create much happiness in your new studio!!

  2. Love your art space Serena! How nice to have a window like that:)

  3. Glad Cody is better. I'm sure he'll be glad to have a trim in the hot weather!

    How exciting! Your new art space looks so inviting and organized! Isn't the change so much fun?! Are you still keeping some supplies you don't use as often in the garage? Won't this be great when you are finished and can settle in to make a collage or paint or whatever you wish to do? Really looks nice, Serena. :):)

  4. Your studio space looks so fresh and pretty. The green is pretty....and it's all so tidy and neat. With that big window right there it will be a great place to paint.

  5. your art space look nice and organized :) looks like great lighting for all your work :)

  6. Serena -- I enjoyed the tour of your office. It looks so neat and tidy, yet I can see your creativity in it. For example, I love tablecloth and it's like it's practical too. I like the bulletin board with what looks like a vision board on it.

    This space looks like a good place for creative energy to call home:~)

    p.s. I'm glad Cody is better:~)

  7. Your studio looks nice and organizing, great job!

    Missed tthe post abou the Cody, but glad that he is doing better, that is a good news.

  8. Serena, sorry i havent stopped by for a while. I love your new art space and cant wait to see the beautiful things you create there.

    Also, i love your brushes. :)

  9. Oh Serena please don't talk about stuff in our art spaces! I am going through that now with our move on the horizon. :(
    I can't believe how much stuff, I have. I still believe that all my supplies multiplies at night! :)
    That is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL
    Love your new organized space.

  10. Your space looks so neat and organized! I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours in your space creating beautiful art.

  11. It looks like a nice organized place to now get back into your painting!!!

    Great job on that area.

  12. Your art space looks wonderful and so organised.