Saturday 21 November 2009

Still sorting the mess and bird-sitting.....

We had another very hot day but no storms yet. I pottered around in the garage still sorting through things to keep and things to go to the dump, or recycling. I listed the wood pieces and art magazines on Freecycle and I have people coming in the morning to pick them up. I was quite happy with the fast response. YAY!

Michelle and Alex came for dinner and also brought Annabelle over for me to bird-sit while they go on a mini-vacation to the Sunshine Coast until late Wednesday. I hope the weather stays nice for them.

Here is a pic of Miss Annabelle....pretending to be a snob.
She truly has a lovely temperament though.

It was hard to get a decent shot as she was busy flitting around the cage.

Love, light and peace


  1. I'd gladly take your rain off your hands! We our in our 4th year of drought and feel like a live in a desert area instead of a tropical one.

    What a pretty budgie!

  2. Sounds like Annabelle has a lot of personality. Those little budgies can pack a lot of opinions and expressions into a tiny, little body--hehe!

    Leah and I have been using Freecycle up here a lot too. It is such a wonderful thing! And feels so good when you clear things out--and somebody else is glad to have the things you no longer need. Awesome! :)

  3. She's beautiful---love those pure white feathers!