Sunday 8 November 2009


do this...

...and this

So, what is my problem?! I do all the prep work but then I seem to make any excuse under the sun to avoid getting into my studio to actually paint. The last painting I attempted was before I got sick and it just wasn't working out for me so I painted over it with gesso. Ever since, I've been avoiding the studio.

I'm reading books.
I'm knitting.
I crocheting.
I'm journaling.
Just about everything BUT painting......

Am I a lost cause?

I WANT to paint and my excuses are starting to wear a little thin with my patience. What is up with that? Is this period of stagnation here for a reason? Whatever it is, I know that it's bugging me and I sure hope it passes soon.

What do you do when you come up against periods of stagnation in your art/craft?

Love, light and peace


  1. In the beginning I push myself because I think "what is wrong with me?" Usually, that doesn't work so then I just let it run its course. I find the well is replenishing at that time and if I draw from it before it is complete, the water is never as sweet.
    In the meantime, enjoy those other just as full filling pursuits. It is amazing to discover what else one can do!

  2. i read a lot to try to get back to drawing. if that doesn't work I look at old paintings. journaling helps a lot to get me back to drawing.

    your not a lost cause! everyone can have these moments but they do pass. thinking about the problem adds to it unfortunately :/

  3. that is the worst place to be for sure! some things that work for me are to just go in and play without any commitment to actually create/finish a piece. sometimes that breaks the block. also i love to have an assignment where i don't have to think up what to paint. lastly, i find music in my art room very motivational.

    hope your get what you want very soon!

  4. Serena, get your sketch pad and keep doodling! Doodle, doodle and more doodle! You will come up with inspiration that will motivate you jumping back into your art room. You may need to do this every time during these months, maybe the time of year or the alinement of the stars? I am feeling this too. I find I'm sitting in the front room feeling depressed about my house and do not wish to move. In fact I feel like hiding in the corner of my own home of late and this is weird! I don't wish to feel like I have to entertain. Dread anyone phoning so I just don't answer it.
    The thought of starting a painting is doing my head in and it shouldn't feel this way. The last one was an inspired day, from doodling.
    I have my sketch book next to me and will do some more doodling in the hope of a burst of energy.

    Maybe you are tired and run down still?

    I do hope you feel better and full of arty energy soon!

    All my love!


  5. I think it's my fault. I'm supposed to put up the apple so you can work on that;-) I haven't touched my coloured pencils in over a week.

    I was locked up in art class and the instructor made us draw with our non-dominant hand which is my left. Worked wonders! Maybe try some quick, frustrating but possibly rewarding non-dominant handed painting for a half hour or so before trying with your dominant one. You never know. She said it gets you into the correct frame of mind because there are no expectations for what you can do with your non dominant hand. It quiets the critic in us.

  6. Sometimes you need a little break and doing other creative things is a good change. Breaks--times where things just don't seem to be working--actually keep us from getting in a rut. I take it as something is telling me I need to refresh myself in other ways for a while. You know you love to paint--and you will be painting again. Maybe now is just the time to crochet or read or whatever your soul needs. Follow what feels like what you really want to be doing. If it is making a scarf--make a scarf. You are being guided on a little side path. No problem. Have fun! Relax! :):)

  7. I have been where you are so many times. Sometimes its been a stage I just had to go through. Other it is just fear. If I don't try and can't fail syndrome which really gets you nowhere. To get going again I sometimes do an Art Journal page, if I can't find a prompt that interests me I will do a page about not being able to paint. Put my feelings right on the page and that helps me work through it. Look at blogs when I see something I love I try and go do that, sometimes that inspiration from someone else helps me. Or so a smaller piece like an ATC and send it to a friend. It does not have that big art feel so there is no right or wrong attached to it. I would just try something new and see what happens.


  8. I get in those slumps. Feel like your creative muse left you. It will get better and you'll be creating beautiful art again.

  9. Just let yourself be doing whatever is enjoyable. Remember painting is supposed to be can't force it! Just relax and have fun with everything else you do! When I get home, I will show you the little silly thing I crochetted! was fun, and it accomplished what I needced it to (fill time, laugh, relax, and let go). I will be home again Friday will start to post all my pics and stories of my trip!

  10. P.S. I thought of you when I came across this video! I want to try the whole thing...sounds like gesso and messy could be your thing right now! Good luck!

  11. The mental block with your painting will go. Don't worry over it. The more you worry the more you will get uptight. Just relax and enjoy doing what you are doing at the moment. The rest will follow in due cours.

  12. Oh my, but I can relate! I just can't get back into a creative mode since having the flu. But I have decided that today at 1 p.m. I will go into my studio and spend 4 hours, I don't care if I just sit in a chair staring at the wall or cleaninbg- I will make myself stay in there for the 4 hours.

  13. Slumps happen to me all the time! I usually just keep playing in the studio and give myself permission to make something really ugly! That way the pressure is off and sometimes I can relax and get back into the swing of things.

  14. I know what you mean, I can't even begin to tell you about all the projects that I have all the ingredients to complete, I've done the leg work, prepared, and bought all the materials, and here I sit reading, playing on the computer, writing, and doing everything but creating... sounds like it's time for an artist's date, or perhaps rereading chapter 7 in the Artist's way Recovering a sense of Connection... I know it really helped me to get off my behind and start working... making a collage helped to kick start my creative juices flowing.... just a suggestion... I know how hard it is to take that first step... we place those blocks in front of our selves... and we need to step over them and take that first step... know that your not alone... We are here to support you as well as you supporting all of us... your work is incredible, and so inspiring... don't beat yourself up... go out on an artist's date and listen... your muse will speak to you once again...

  15. You guys are THE best!!! I'm so touched by your support and caring. Thanks so much for all your wonderful thoughts and suggestions.

    Julie, I think I have that video. Maybe that's what I need to do...sit and watch creative people at play with their paints.