Tuesday 10 November 2009


Yes, my baby is now THREE years old! Cody is certainly a spoiled and well-loved fur-kid and he wouldn't have it any other way.

I wasn't feeling too well when I woke this morning but that passed as the day progressed and I finally got around to altering Beau's board shorts.

The shorts were two sizes too big for him but they didn't have his size and.....he liked them. I guess he knew that he could coax me into altering them for him. Lucky me....not! I hate alterations!!! In my sewing hey-day, I would rather sew a garment from scratch than have to alter it. Hems and buttons are okay but I'm talking about fiddly alterations where a lot of unpicking of seams is involved. Yep, that's the type of altering I had to do with Beau's boardies today and they were double-stitched seams. The things we do for love. I must admit I was quite pleased with my efforts.

Next will be a crochet project I'm making for Michelle...more on that later.

Love, light and peace


  1. Cody is just precious!!!! You did a great job on the board shorts. I am still a novice seamstress and altering sounds absolutely daunting, so I bestow much respect upon your endeavor!

  2. Happy Birthday Cody!!!

    I even hate sewing on missing buttons. It is just such an annoying task. You did a good job with the shorts :)

  3. happy birthday to cody :D very cute pic :)

    i hate unpicking seams, such a pain to do and literally a pain if you jab your fingers with the tools used :/ the shorts look good!

  4. Great job! I totally, totally agree with you! I used to sew quite a bit years ago and always hated doing alterations. Yes! Would rather sew a new piece any day. But the shorts turned out fantastic! Even tho I have no idea what "boardies" are worn for? Skateboarding? Walking the boardwalk?

    Hope still having crummy parts of the day will completely pass soon. Every day starts like that for me and I truly wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. :)

    Happy, happy birthday, Cody! Miss Karma will be five in February. They capture our hearts, don't they? :):)

  5. Happy 3rd to the cutie pie! I feel like squishing him, he is so cute. Not in a lethal sort of way :)

    Nice shorts! Good job altering them :)

  6. What a sweet face your Cody has!!!

    As for you -- I'm so impressed with what you did with this shorts!! I'm not handy at all with a sewing machine, though it's been years since I've attempted anything. My mother sewed quite a bit as did my mother-in-law and I know the work involved in alterations. Beau is one lucky guy -- the things we do for those we love!! ♥

  7. Happy Birthday Cody!!!

    That is such a cute photo of Cody, Mum! I love him heaps! Well done on trying to alter Beau's board shorts, they do look pretty good!

    Love Brad!

  8. Happy birthday Cody! :) Cheerful pat from our Frida.

    Great work on those shorts!.

  9. Oh how lovely he looks so cute.
    I like your sewing project too.

  10. What a cute little 3 year old fur kid you have!!! LOL. Great board shorts...love the patterns in the material...Brad has very good taste!!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to cutest Cody!!!