Tuesday 17 November 2009

Storm in a box

You may remember that I had to post and run yesterday because I said a storm was headed our way and I needed to shut down the computer. I could hear the thunder in the distance and, looking out the windows, there was a strong wind but......

......it turned out not to be a storm after all. I came to this realisation when Aaron informed me that the so-called storm I was panicking over was actually the sound effects from Beau's Xbox. I swear all the action and bombing from the Xbox sounded just like thunder.

How dumb am I?! lol

Graphite and Pigma Micron pen in A5 sketchbook
Click on image to enlarge

Today has been unbearably hot and summer hasn't even started yet. I hate this hot, humid weather! It's the high humidity that makes it all the worse.....so uncomfortable. I felt bad for Aaron who was sitting in a hot classroom with only fans to cool them but fans really do nothing but circulate the hot air in this type of weather. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he came down to the car feeling sick and exhausted from the heat. The teacher told the kids it hit 42°C/107.5°F inside the classroom! To her credit, she did turn the classroom lights off and put on a movie for the kids to watch instead of doing school work. I think we may well get a storm tonight. I just hope it doesn't hail.

Love, light and peace


  1. Oh, that's so funny! Sounds like something I would do. Maybe a bit of wishful thinking from the sounds of it. How can they allow kids to stay in class when it gets up to over 107 degrees!!?? Poor kids! They should have heat days like we have snow days! I just hate the hot humid days. Sure hope that storm does come through pretty soon! :):)

  2. "Storm in a box" ...too funny!
    Hopefully this heat and humidity won't stir up too many storms but in this area, that's exactly what happens. Stay safe and cool Serena!

  3. I got a giggle out of the storm really being an x-box!

    That is hot! I want it to be hot, but maybe not that hot. Not if there is humidity!

  4. Oh I feel sorry for Aaron. Don't they have airconditioning in schools in Australia?

  5. Love your sketch Sarena and I am wondering if my other commeent went through or not.

  6. you gotta be kiddin" !!

    I know what I'd do with that thing...but, don't tell Beau.....

    I'm such a fan of blessed silence...

    hey Serena... my little bears don't take all that long to make... I could do one in a few days if I really worked at it...but, my wrists and hands suffer a bit...I have carpal tunnel on the right and giant cluster ganglion on the left.... and holding the tiny bits is a nuisance for the left hand....so, if I do a bit here and there and make on in a full week it is better for me.

    I have been looking around at things others do with felt.... amazing... so far I just do the bears and a couple hippos....I must try a donkey over the winter...for a good cause... my little donkey rescue charity that I like to support... they will use my little guys to raise money for it at their auction in the spring.....

  7. LOL...now that is funny! Fantastic drawing of the box :) Hope the humidity dies down soon...

  8. Not dumb at all! I totally relate, I've often got a fright and wondered what on earth was that and it turned out to be my son on the XBox in the basement! Those sounds are something else! It's great you made a sketch out of it!

  9. I can definitely sympathize with you over the heat....107º!! That's just too darn hot!

    You gave me a laugh over you thinking the Xbox sound was a storm. That's too funny! More like something I would do!

  10. Hi Serena,
    X-Box, great for kids, no good for parents.
    My guys recently got Guitar hero, at least I can now listen to decent music while they are playing on the toy Guitar!

    Oh, your weather sounds just like Singapore. I thought most schools send children home when it reaches over 40 degrees!
    Stay cool,

  11. LOL, so funny! I don't know how Beau has any hearing left after always having it turned up so loud.

    Poor Aaron, I remember those days of being stuck in the oven they call a classroom. They should be sent home when it gets that hot. It's not like you can concentrate anyway.

  12. oops lol :) easy mistake to make tho with the noise games make

    42 in the class! o.0 that is insane

  13. Sorry to laugh at your experience but it did feel funny at this end. I am the one to usually have those silly sort of things happen.

    I love the page you did on the experience.
    Sorry its so hot where you are. We are having a beautiful fall. I am not ready for snow but unfortunately that won't make a difference it will still come soon. Sending a cool breeze your way.


  14. LOL that storm in a box sounds like something I'd do.

    I can't stand summer, way too hot. It's nice and cool here, beautiful autumn. you should come visit.