Sunday 29 November 2009

Lunch, good company, and severe storm...

Today, Brad, Aaron, and I went over to Michelle's and Alex's house for lunch. Alex's Mum, Karen, and her partner, Alyce, were also there and we all had a lovely time together chatting about this, that, and everything. Michelle and Alex spoiled us with a delicious lunch of homemade quiche and salad. I had the mushroom and tomato quiche and it was so YUMMY! It was a perfect lunch for the hot, humid day.

Pigma Micron pen, watercolour crayon & coloured pencil in A5 Sketchbook
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Whilst we were still there, a pretty bad electrical storm moved through bringing some hail with it. Shortly after the storm passed, the boys and I headed home. I was shocked to see so much debris from the storm lying all over the roads on the way home. Michelle and Alex only live a 7 minute drive away and, as we got closer to home, the damage seemed to get progressively worse. YIKES! There were tree limbs and branches lying on the road and, only two roads from where we live, the power-lines were down which I think was due to fallen trees. The whole lane had been blocked. It was scary and also quite surreal. In the pic below, you can see the power lines down and lying on the road in the left-hand side of the pic.

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As the storm hadn't long passed through, residents were out directing traffic safely into the oncoming lane while they waited on the emergency crews to get there. Thankfully, all was well when we arrived home. I had been worried about Cody due to his fear of storms and being home alone after a very hot and humid day but, luckily, Beau arrived home just before the worst of the storm hit. I was relieved to find that we still had power to the house so we must be on a different power-grid to the fallen powerlines. I rang to check on Mum and Dad who live about a 12 minute drive away and, thankfully, they were safe and sound but without power. Needless to say there will be some cleaning up to do for emergency crews over the coming days.

I'm dreading summer when we get a lot of these types of storms and they can cause a lot of damage. We have some huge trees behind our back fence that I've always been wary of during storms.....I try not to worry about it but it's hard when I know they would cause a helluva a lot of damage if they fell our way.

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend......we sure did, apart from the storm of course.

Love, light and peace


  1. Thank goodness you all are ok and again what a lovely sketch for the journal.

  2. I'm glad to hear that all was well at your house and your parents, though they were/are without power.

    It's amazing isn't it, how quickly a bad storm can rage through and how the destruction can be so randomized.

  3. Glad to hear that your home was unharmed. We had a 'storm' here, too. Well, storm probably isn't the right word, though it did rain for a good part of the day and last night. First rain we've had in 5 months! And after all that, we didn't even get 1/2"! Today it's back to normal: sunny and warmish (68 degrees) and except for the still wet pavement, you'd hardly know it even rained.

    Love your journal page. It's so creative and lovely. Me, I just write with blue ink in a lined paper notebook. Boring, but effective.

    Hope your weather is better today.


  4. I'm doing a little catching up today. Glad you're ok and no damage from the storm. Sounds like you had a lovely day otherwise.

    I think all your drawings are just fantastic and the one of MJ is wonderful! You seem to always capture just the right things to bring your drawings to life.

  5. I always enjoy seeing a new sketch by you. Funny that it was food, I've been going through cookbooks to pick something to draw. Sounds like quite a storm. Glad your folks were okay and Cody.

  6. Poor Cody. Mustn't be his favourite time of the year with the overheating and storms!

    We're having above normal temperatures for this time of the year and I'm not complaining!

  7. Serena,

    So happy that you spent time with Michelle and the family and had a great time. Thank goodness that the storm didn't affect your area.
    Keep safe and hope they restore the power back to the homes soon.

  8. Scary! We get tornados and straight wind storms that are very destructive. I'm glad everyone was okay and Cody wasn't home alone. :) But--sounds like it was a really great lunch with wonderful company and good food!

  9. pretty powerful storm o.0

    lunch sounds lovely :D

  10. Lunch sounded so good. I really want some quiche now! AND maybe some warm tomatoe soup!!!

    Sorry about the terrible guys have a lot of nature related disasters there!!! I feel for ya! Glad your Mom and Dad were OK too!

  11. Those storms can be so scary! Glad you are all safe!
    Your sketches are always amazing :)