Monday 16 November 2009


A very quick post because I think we have a storm moving in and I need to shut down the computer. It was a very hot and humid day so it doesn't surprise me that a storm has developed. Anywhoo, the other night I let Cody outside to do his business and, after about five minutes, I heard him barking at something. I went outside and there Cody sat facing the brick wall looking at this guy....I was so happy to see a green frog that I rushed inside for the camera. This would have been around I keen or what?! I had to use the flash which accounts for all the shiny white spots.


  1. Great post, Mum!

    Those are nice shots of the frog you've taken! I like seeing the photos you put up!

    Love Brad!

  2. oh :) so cool to see the little guy :)

  3. Hi Serena!
    I hope the storm wasn't too bad!
    Cute pics, frogs give me the willies, but you got great pics!
    Thank you so much for your recents visits to my blog!!
    Are you feeling all better now? I sure hope so!

  4. Great pics! I love all frogs, the suction - like fingers on the tree frogs are awesome, feel so funny when the walk up your arms! I wish we'd get those kinds of visitors :)

    Big hugs,

  5. Cool frog! You were keen to get that motivated at 3am.

    We didn't get any sign of a storm last night. Today is suppose to be hotter again :(

  6. Cody has a sharp eye! I love tree frogs with their sticky padded feet! Sounds like you need a storm to try and break the humidity! :):)

  7. Hahahahha... only us silly bloggers hey Serena? anybody else would have hurried the dog and staggered off back to bed... great shot!

  8. WOW...such a cool looking frog!

  9. Great frog photos....the story about the sounds from the xbox above was funny....

  10. Wow- I've never seen a frog like that- very kewl! You have such unusual and interesting crittens in Australia.